Tips to Protect Our Stomach in Autumn and Winter

For those people who suffer from stomach disease, the important thing is to protect the gastric mucosa. Then what things can help us to protect our stomach in autumn and winter?

Milk. Some people think that milk can neutralize the gastric acid during the secretion, and therefore it can help the recovery of stomach. For those people who have acute gastritis, a cup of warm milk does have the role to relief the symptom for temporary, and make people feel comfortable. However, if deem milk as something to nourish the stomach and get too much intake of milk will lead to lots of secretion of gastric acids , so, this will stimulate the gastric mucosa.

Gruel. It is said that gruel can nourish stomach. So, many patients with stomach disease believe that gruel is better than meal. They think gruel is easy to digest and can reduce the burden of stomach. Actually, it seems that meal and gruel are different, but when they enter the stomach, they are actually the same effects.

Food-intake. Actually for those patients, the most important thing is the quantity of food. Overeating and excessive hunger will make the secretion of gastric acids imbalanced. If you are suffering from stomach disease, you had better eat small in each meal but eat frequently. For example, you may take three meals a day, but now you can take five meals a day. But do remember that do not overeating or excessive in hunger.

Ginger. The right amount of ginger can play the role to warm stomach, protect gastric mucosal. But it is not good to eat a lot. Because, ginger contains some irritative spicy materials which will stimulates the secretion of gastric acids. So the intake of ginger should depend on the intaking amount.

Potato. Many people may have heard that potato is a kind of food with a total nutrition. Potato can be used to treat stomach. Use the fresh potato for about 1000 grams and with some honey. First, wash the fresh potatoes, then smash them, and then put them into pot until it is boiling. When it concentrates to viscous, add the double amount of honey to it and fry it until it becomes paste. Eating it when you stomach is empty, and twice a day, each time a tablespoon, 20 days for a course of treatment. This can be applied to gastric and duodenal ulcers embolism. And during the treatment, you had better not eat chili, onion, garlic, wine and other spicy food.

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