To Achieve The Next Five Years Is Not A Dream Mobile Phone Standard Projection – Projection –

Projected benefits to the people, and gradually spread in people’s lives, however, the speed is also accelerate the spread of the steps, so that people can feel the projector quickly brought to people’s vision.

The end of the recent CES Consumer Electronics Show, a company called Microvision demonstrated a kind of like a bar of soap the size of individual projectors, projector to use laser technology, clear video images. It’s a great hope is to embed this technology including digital cameras and mobile phones, including a wide range of electronic devices.

Microvision communications manager MattNichols said the company is working with handset makers, including a dozen, including potential customers to negotiate. He believes that embedded micro-projector Microvision’s first prototype will be available later this year. He expects the first commercial products will be launched sometime next year,.

Nichols said that after that, this market will explode, like digital cameras, mobile phones will soon become as essential components. He also said, we believe that within five years, your phone will be equipped with projectors.

Mobile phone chip TI has been a major supplier of commercial equipment in some embedded micro-projectors, including two micro-projector and two Samsung phones. Samsung Consumer Electronics Show in the Configuration projector displaying the latest mobile phones. As mobile phones have many fancy accessories, such as touch screen, digital cameras and music and video players, some analysts add more components on the space into question.

However, the market research firm Ovum analyst JonathanYarmis said micro-projector has great potential, because it resolved a tiny cell phone screens to watch the video of the problem. He answered a cell phone the next big trend in question, when you solve the problem of mobile phone display, you will have access to an immersive experience. Other wireless industry analyst CheetanSharma so that the micro-projector in the phone before the epidemic, micro-projectors will first appear in the digital camera, allows photographers to share photos.

Good film into the environment of the public, not only material enjoyment is also the spiritual enjoyment. Scan projection industry, technological advances allow for better display presence to people’s lives, but in the pattern of this technology have done their best, the micro-projection performance in the recent CES2010 in abnormal eye-catching. Including LG, Samsung have launched mobile projection products, with the listing of these products, will promote the use of projectors in mobile phones.

Have the MP3, MP4 has a digital camera phone which has been gradually blend into the standard cell phone, however, brought the projector large screen display, can bring more convenient mobile phone for mobile phones with to the role of people’s lives is more significant, however, the technical problems which can not be overlooked. However, in 2009 along with the rapid development of micro-projection industry, projecting a standard cell phone is no longer a dream, plus a number of manufacturers of micro-projection support, five years, mobile phone standard projection function is no longer a dream, more than empty talk, In my view, the mobile phone standard projection functions do not even need five years, because today’s technology rapid pace of development time to our surprise, the 2010 global economic recovery, good situation, but also will promote the use of this technology pace, so that projection come true for everyone around them. BOLA TANGKAS