To Lose Weight and Speed Metabolism,Try These Foods

I decided to scrutinize and list foods that speed metabolism in the body so I can lose weight. You will not believe what I discovered? I found that all foods speed metabolism one way or another.

Why is that true? This is a possibility I never suspected myself.
With a quick look, how does metabolism work? Or what is metabolism? If you understand the answers to these questions then you will know about the process and how it affects our bodies.

When eating a meal your body begins the process of digesting your food, consuming the nutrients and applying them to create energy that effectively keeps your body functioning.  It generally takes on the average 4 hours just to draw out all of the nutrients, and is repeated whenever you eat another meal.  Your body is busy absorbing these nutrients 12 hours per day.

We have learned the digestion process, and in short this is how we burn calories.  Foods containing protein and carbohydrates take longer for our bodies to digest. Automatically by eating, absorbing and digesting nutrients from the food, you in turn, speed up the sum of the processes by which a particular substance is handled in the living body, or metabolism.

Well, you would think that if you consume an abundance of food this would create a lot of calorie burning. My answer may surprise you! Yes, this is true, but wait, don’t put on a bib and grab a fork and knife with verve and gorge yourself by attacking the refrigerator.
Are you one of the people who skips breakfast, or lunch, even dinner? Then, eating more food would definitely speed up your metabolism. That being said, eating mediocre or smaller meals spaced out during the day will keep your metabolism burning, so your body is always in the state of expelling calories.

Now, there are certain foods that require more of our body’s energy to burn. To which degree actually depends on the food choices you make.  Coffee, tea, chocolate, all caffeine and a chemical that can be found in chilies are a few of the foods that will speed up your metabolism, but to a lower degree.

Protein and Carbs create the highest rate of burning energy. This said, a meal packed with protein can burn 25% of this meal’s calories through absorption and digestion.
Only eating high protein meals probably sounds appealing, but it would not give your body the needed amounts of nutrients.  By adding minerals and vitamin supplements is not the right answer either, they do not give you the same quality of nutrients, which are found naturally in food.

Your body needs well-balanced meals which contain fats and carbs, vegetables and don’t forget the protein.  This can lessen fat production but keeps your blood sugar at the level needed to burn fat and build strong muscle.

Now, to this list 10 of the best foods that will enhance and speed metabolism and get that fat burning:

Protein rich meats
Green Beans
Summer Squash
Asparagus and any non-starchy veggies.
Fresh Cheese
Whole Grain Bread

A neat fact I found when I was researching this diet and aspects is, you can boost your body’s fuel burning up to 30% by drinking cold water. That sounds easy enough doesn’t it?
One should know that many factors beyond our control will affect your body’s metabolism speed, such as sex, your age, and several medical conditions.

Since we have learned the foods that speed up our calorie burner, the best way to lose some weight is to consume a healthy combination of good regular meals and back it up with physical exercise. You will want to find exercise that can build your muscles up because these muscles burn calories also!

To stay healthy, eat a diet of protein, carbohydrates and fats, non-starchy vegetables.  Be sure to add a few of those foods that are known to turn up your body’s fires , add regular exercise, and you will be surprised with the results of glamour and primping you will be able to see!