Today Let’s We Talk About taylormade r9 supertri driver

Today Let’s We Talk About taylormade r9 supertri driver

The original R9 used both adjustable face technology and adjustable weight positioning technology but only in a 420cc head. The reduction in forgiveness in the R9  ( taylormade r9 supertri driver)s noticeable for those used to the larger heads. The follow up R9 460 had the adjustable face technology but the boffins could not quite manage to add in the moveable weights that has been so successful for TM since its introduction in the R7 to a larger 460cc head. The R9 SuperTri sees the first time TaylorMade has combined adjustable face technology and adjustable weight positioning technology in a 460cc head. So what do TaylorMade tell us about the R9 SuperTri?

“The R9 SuperTri was made possible by two crucial developments by TaylorMade engineers that saved enough weight to allow FCT and MWT to coexist in a 460cc head. The first is better, more widespread use of TaylorMade’s Ultra-Thin Wall technology throughout the ( taylormade r9 supertri driver)clubhead. The second is a new, lighter FCT sleeve that does everything the former one did while weighing three grams less. “

The SuperTri also adds in Inverted Cone Technology and a superior aerodynamics to really maximise the technological investment. The TP version is the same head as the standard version but includes a much wider range of premium shafts


Sleek all-black looks made this a very good looking club.  (taylormade r9 supertri)e black PVD face was first seen from TaylorMade with the highly regarded R7 SuperQuad. The head shape is not quite the classic pear shape with its fractionally extended rear but it’s a million miles from the lairy max-MOI efforts that are now so commonplace. Because the face is so deep it has a very reassuring look at address – not only do you get the sensation that the face is impossible to miss, you also get the subliminal message that you are playing a club with much greater loft so you don’t need to rip into the ball to try and lift it up.


This club is all about the forgiveness. Hit anywhere on the face and you’ll get a great result, one comment I heard was that it was ‘stupid easy to hit’. You practically have to miss the ball to get anything other than maximum distance flight. In fact you almost always feel like you’re hitting it out of the screws. This forgiveness is allied to phenomenal straightness – far straighter than you would expect in a head that is not square or triangular. Of course this straightness is assuming that  (taylormade r9 irons)u don’t alter the set up of the club. The combination of FCT and MWT offers 24 combinations which allow for 75 yards of movement. As with the R9 it allows you to set the head up for a 2 degrees closed slinging draw to a 2 degrees open hard fade and practically anything in between. The FCT does the bulk of the work and the MWT does the fine tuning.

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