Together with my clear sunglasses, I will go home

To my delight, it is about one month that I can go home. During my four year’s college life, I have been to my home twice a year, both summer holiday and winter holiday. I’m a home bird even though I have regretted that I don’t make full use of this time to do part-time job. In June, this year, I graduate from my college. As I choose to live in the city now, I can’t go home until my annual holidays. Sometimes, I want to leave, but I can’t do as that due to some reasons.


Now, my expected holidays are coming, I don’t know how to express my happiness. These days, I am thinking about my job and my life. What I really want to do and what do I consider about my future? I get my answer after recalling nearly half year. In the big city, I can’t find my place and I don’t have the feeling of safety. So I decide to go home and never come back. Maybe, I should have made decisions earlier.


The city has developed rapidly in these years and it is said that there are many opportunities about jobs. But it may be not suitable for me and I hope to be not far from my home. Anyhow, I appreciate these days I have lived in the city. Although there are pains, I will remember my happy experiences.


It is very hot in the city when summer comes. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to go out. But I have to go to work. Therefore, I buy a pair of clear sunglasses for me. They are made of memory plastic and have 100% UV protection. Thanks to them, I can protect my eyes well and avoid sunburn. It is winter now, and I don’t wear them often. However, I will wear them to go home. My parents haven’t seen me for a year. They may be surprised to see such a stylish me.