Top 3 Alternative Cemap Training Locations To London

For those looking to become a mortgage advisor, they will have to register for and take the CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) exam. For those without an employer making all the training arrangements for them, how to study and where to look for assistance can prove a little tricky, especially if you want CeMAP training away from London.

The CeMAP syllabus and qualification criteria are taken care of by the ifs School of Finance, the charitable body granted the remit to ensure that the financial industry has the most competent workforce possible. No matter where you choose to study or how you want to train for the exam, you must register with the ifs School of Finance to take it. When you register, the ifs will send you the latest syllabus, which is updated twice a year. The manual that is sent out is rather heavy reading, particular for those with limited experience of the industry, and thus a CeMAP training industry has sprung up around the UK to offer more user-friendly tuition and training.

As with any course, the first question to answer is how to study. There are home-based tuition courses available and face to face training and both types can vary widely in quality. The best CeMAP training company will ensure their materials are updated in line with the new syllabus straight away. Home study or distance learning courses should ideally include some form of actual tutorial support, whether by email or telephone, and face to face CeMAP courses should ensure a limited number of students per tutor. Ideally, tutors should be experienced in not only the financial industry itself, ideally mortgages, but also in teaching as each requires a different skillset.

Assuming you have decided upon a full time CeMAP training course, you now need to find the best CeMAP training company for you. A search online will quickly tell you that most of these CeMAP courses are London-based. This can be great for those living or working nearby but for those outside the capital, this can be costly. A typical CeMAP course lasts five days and you will need to attend two to cover all three modules, making accommodation and travel expensive. There are, however, other alternatives to CeMAP training in London.

Manchester Already referred to as the capital of the North West, there are many CeMAP training courses available here. Centrally located with good public transport links and motorways, Manchester courses are easy to get to from almost anywhere in the country.

Liverpool CeMAP courses here are perfect for those seeking employment with local employers. Areas like the Wirral, North Wales and Chester are home to several large employers with demand for CeMAP-qualified candidates, such as, the Royal Bank of Scotland and more.

Leeds With so many CeMAP courses in London, few training providers venture too far North. One of the northernmost cities with regular CeMAP training courses, Leeds is ideal for those from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Hull and other areas.

If you want to study for your CeMAP, but need to minimise the expense, there are face to face course alternatives to studying in London. Although there are a few more, these are generally the top three city locations for CeMAP courses outside London. BOLA TANGKAS
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