Top 3 Tips in Choosing Gas Cylinders for your Food Business

If you are involved in a wine or catering business or are engaged in a restaurant or bar operations, it is important that you know your gas cylinders. A gas cylinder is a pressure tank or vessel that is used to store gases at atmospheric pressure way above the average level. It is also called bottled gas, although the term typically refers to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The term may also refer to oxygen tanks while in packaged industrial gases, it is also known as cylinder gas. Over the years, gas cylinders have found their application in various industries including food and business.

Avoid being caught without those kitchen essentials in any party. Bubbling refreshments, sumptuous desserts topped with whipped cream, and sparkling cocktails are in demand during parties and special occasions that without these fizzy concoctions created cream chargers, soda siphon, carbon dioxide cylinders, and nitrous oxide cartridges to name a few, the event would seem incomplete.

Because these cylinders all play an important role in setting up “the party” atmosphere, make sure that you have high quality gas cylinders in your kitchen. Having some top of the line cartridges and cylinders makes a difference in turning a regular drink into an enjoyable concoction that is surely unforgettable to your guests. Below are some tips in choosing the right disposable gas cylinders for your kitchen.

1. Every disposable gas cylinder is created for a particular purpose. Use CO2 cartridges in making soda water using soda siphon. For whipping some cream on top of your desserts using cream whippers, make use of cream chargers or nitrous oxide cartridges only. Most people think that all gas cartridges are the same because they are house in similar steel cylinders but they are actually made for different purposes. Make sure to look at the labels carefully to avoid ruining your concoctions.

2. Aside from the fact that every disposable cartridge is made for a special purpose, there are also cartridges that are not meant for food and beverage. For instance, CO2 filled cylinders are also used as a propellant whether used in fun and games or police and military training. Make sure that the CO2 cylinder that you have is compatible to making soda siphons.

3. Look for gas cylinders that are HACCP certified, which means that they are manufactured using high quality standards and strict guidelines, thus ensuring the product’s cleanliness and quality. HACCP-certified products is the consumer’s assurance that each cylinder was electronically filled and weighed by using only the best engineering processes in the industry. If you already have cylinders in your kitchen, check if they are certified to make sure that you fully enjoy the benefits of the products.

If you are in a business that is in need of disposable gas cylinders, make sure to choose the appropriate ones for the food that you serve. Soda siphons should make use of carbon dioxide cylinders to produce soda water, while for whipped cream nitrous oxide cartridges should be utilized.

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