Top 3 Ways to Make Money On the Internet Going Into 2010

So what ways to make money on the internet are still going strong and which are on the downside and not worth one’s time? As we all know, things change with time, and the ways to make money on the internet is no exception to the rule. Years ago the best ways to make money online was direct sales, article marketing, creating and selling websites and businesses in a box. Let’s take a look at the top three ways people are making a living online from home.

Making Money the Internet Way #3:

Article Marketing – still going strong. Article marketing is a way to use your creative writing side to get the word out about your website. Just getting people to your website isn’t the ultimate goal of article marketing though, is it? Of course not! The ultimate goal is to teach them and bit, send them to your website, and close in on the sale. Believe it or not, this still works, and if you enjoy writing enough, it can work for you. Don’t worry my dear reader, there is no sales pitch in my article and I am not trying to sell anything… so read on.

Making Money the Internet Way #2:

Affiliate Marketing via Social Networks – Social networking is all but social networking, if you get my point. Social networking sounds like a way to make friends, business contacts, and more… but in the internet of today, most people are using these social networks to try to make some money the internet way! Twitter, Facebook, MySpace… they are all filled to the brim with spam and marketing tactics. Do you know why? Because it works! These social networks are quick, easy to use, easy to make “friends/customers” on, and don’t cost a dime. In my opinion and research, this technique is still going strong in 2009 and beyond.

Making Money the Internet Way #1:

So this brings us to the top of our list, the best way in 2009 going into 2010 to make a living online via the internet. So what is it? Creating your own product or training series or seminar with successful internet millionaires! Of course, this is one of the most difficult ways to make a living online… but once you are in, you are really in. Creating your own product isn’t a walk in the park. Before even thinking of creating your own product or video training or coaching program, you must get your name out to the public as a “guru” in your field. You must show the public, which are your potential customers/clients, that you know extensively about what you are selling or it isn’t going to work. So how do you do this? You start with the above two ways to make money the internet way!

The above shows us what is really making money now and going into 2010. If you are ready to hop onto the making money the internet way train, you must put your ideas into action and follow through. Don’t be discouraged by the internet millionaires out there, just work hard and set goals for yourself.