Top 5 Lead Generation Techniques for the Internet Age

Marketers all over the world are on a continuous quest to identify effective ways to generate leads. Lead generation efforts have assumed top priority in marketing, and the focus now is not just on generating more leads, but more quality leads. So, innovative lead generation techniques are being introduced with the aim to keep leads flowing into the marketing and sales funnel.


However, the flipside is that not all lead generation techniques are effective. While some work, others just may not. The secret lies in being persistent, but not pushy. Also, in the current age where prospects rely on the Internet for information, the key is to use online techniques to attract prospects. Here are the top five proven techniques that can help turn contacts into clients:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website. Optimizing a website and creating landing pages with the right keywords can help push the website’s search engine ranking and ensure steady flow of traffic. More traffic translates to more leads. And if these leads are arriving at the website through a search engine, then it is evident that they have been looking for a similar product/service. So, the chances of them being qualified leads are very high.

Article marketing is another proven technique for lead generation. Using article directories is the easiest way to get exposure without spending money. By writing articles, which showcase the capabilities and benefits of a product (with backlinks to the website) good quality leads can be generated.

Many vendors offer free reports, trials, and consultations, which can be very attractive to prospects. This technique has been quite effective in getting the attention of prospects, and is therefore a commonly used tactic in lead generation.

Marketing automation tools are also widely being used for lead generation. These tools capture details about anonymous visitors and track their intent, interest levels and behavior on the website. And using these details they enable marketing automation to efficiently segment leads and send out targeted messages.

Making use of social network sites for lead generation is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in marketing automation. Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer a promising platform for interacting with prospects all over the world. And by enabling real-time communication, social networks have taken lead generation to an all new level.

Lead generation was not considered important for business growth till the recent past. But it is now recognized as an indispensable marketing strategy essential to beat industry competition, and carve a niche in the market. So, by employing the above-mentioned techniques businesses can make a cake-walk.


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