Top 7 Investment Opportunities For Retail Investors

In current environment where investor confidence is at its bottom low following are a few avenues where investor can invest and reap the benefits in long term. Investment opportunities explained below are suited for investors which are ready to invest for 2-3 year timeframe. Depending upon the risk profile of investor they can divide the investment capital and invest in multiple asset classes.

Following are the Top 7 Investment Opportunities For Retail Investors-

Stocks/Equity/Shares – This investment vehicle is known to give very high returns but you need proper training to invest in stocks and lot of experience. Either you can invest by your own research or can use various subscription services providing research for various markets. There are many such kind of subscription and tips services available online but one thing is to take care that it should not be a blog and it should never be free? Have you ever seen a professional service free!! The service should give subscriber generous free trial periods so you feel comfortable in subscribing to them.

Mutual Funds – You may want to invest some part of your money in stock market through mutual funds. Mutual funds are less risky proposition for people who want to invest in stock market but do not know how to trade. Go for 50:50 mix of dividend and growth scheme. Currently MFs are at very attractive prizing so good opportunity of investment. Look for 2-3 years time frame for returns. You may also look for closed ended tax saver schemes in which money get looked for 3 years but in turn you get lot of tax benefits.

Land – With appropriate bank loan or payment by cash you may look for buying land near newly developing airports of Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. This investment can give you high level of returns in longer terms. The only problem with land is that it needs to be protected well from encroachment and false ownership suites. One thing to remember that lands far from major cities are cheap but yield very little growth and difficult to maintain and protect.

Under construction apartment from reputed builder- Amount of money you have with bank loan you can invest in good 3-4 bedroom under construction or proposed apartment from reputed builder. Till the construction of apartment will finish your money will be doubled. Here it is to be emphasized that it should be done by reputed builder as it is been seen that firstly those builders themselves do diligent research in choosing prime location and secondly there construction work is
also of good quality. Both of these aspects help in rapid appreciation of value once construction gets completed.

Gold and Silver – Gold and silver is traditional and highly liquid investment venues. Currently Gold and Silver prices are heavily retraces and best moment to invest in this asset class. The only problem is storage and which can be overcome through diversified bank lockers.

Bank Fixed Deposit – If you want highly secure way to invest then go for age old Bank fixed deposits which are currently giving gains of 8-9% annually. Also one should not deposit all of money in one bank fixed deposit but diversify across at least 5-10 banks to minimize the solvency risk.

Government Infrastructure Bonds – This is very good avenue to earn tax free returns on long term investments. India being at growth rate of 8-9% per year require lot of investments in infrastructure development so these bonds which are backed by government are safest method to gain tax free returns.
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