Top Five Tourist Attractions in Gwalior

Gwalior is positioned about 321 kilometers from Delhi and is a single of the most ancient and historical cities in the nation. The city got its name right after the renowned sage Gwalipa cured the Kachhwaha clan chief from leprosy. The history of the city dates back to the 8th century. This erstwhile princely state nevertheless retains its royalty with the Scindias getting their dynastic seat here.

The city is strategically placed proper in amongst the north and the southern India. This has led to a lot of attacks on the city by various dynasties more than the centuries. 1 of the most precious gems of the Indian musical scenario also lived here. The city organizes the popular Tansen Music Festival every year to commemorate his memory.

Gwalior becoming a historical town bears witness to several important historical incidents and offers many web sites for tourism. Individuals from all over the globe come and expertise the beauty and historical richness of the spot.

Some of the most prominent areas of tourist interest can surely consist of:
Gwalior Fort &amp Man Mandir Palace: The Gwalior Fort dates back to 1000 years when the Sage Gwalipa cured the clan chieftain Raja Suraj Sen. The Man Mandir palace in the fort was built by Raja Man Singh Tomar in the 15th century and is regarded the prized possessions of the fort. He withstood the attacks on th effort by Sikander Lodhi of Delhi and then later on by Ibrahim Lodhi.

Gujri Mahal: This palace speaks about the adore Raja Man Singh had for his ninth Gujar wife, Mrignayani who was supposed to be extremely bold and courageous.Their love story is component of th folk lore now.The palace has now been converted in to a museum and homes a massive collection of stone carvings and also the Jain and Hindu artifacts.

Surya Mandir: The Surya Mandir in Gwalior is the replica of the Sun Temple at Konark in Orissa. The style and architecture of this temple have been inspired from the original a single. The Surya Mandir was constructed by G.D.Birla, the popular Indian industrialist who is identified for several stunning temples across the country.

Teli Ka Mandir: This fascinating temple is committed to Lord Vishnu and is built on the lines of Dravidian architecture. It was constructed in the 9th century and is far more than one hundred meters high producing it the highest creating in the fort. The roof of the temple signifies the Dravidian style even though the walls and its decorations reflect the Indo-Aryan style of construction.

Saas-Bahu Temples: These twin temples are situated adjacent to each and every other. But defying the notion that they are built to dedicate this relation, the temples have various sets of decorations and adornments. These temples are set on two pillars, 1 bigger than the other.A beautifully carved Lotus embellishes the roof above the marvelously sculpted walls and pillars.

Jai Vilas Palace: The Jai Vilas Palace was built by Maharaja Jivaji Rao Scindia who had commissioned a British architect to design and style and build it. This was accomplished to impress the Prince of Wales who visited here in 1875. The palace has an Italian structure combined with Tuscan and Corinthian architectural designs.