Top Online ?Time Wasters?

It seems trendy that American workers spend more some portion of their day accessing to computers than for personal communication. Workers spend a considerable amount of time involving in personal pursuits while in the office. The actual wasted time makes a contribution to the loss of productivity.


Online shopping also can contribute to the loss in productivity. Employees often give their priorities to electronic commerce company Amazon and online auction and shopping website EBay at work. According to IT information association ISACA’s 2009 estimate, it would take the average employee 14.4 hours to shop from the office around the holiday season.


Online Shopping – 0.15 hr/week


Online game including Zynga’s Farmville, an application on Facebook, ranks the second, just after the social networking which drains workers’ productivity. The popularity of online games is driven by a growing number of social networking users. Farmville is a place where over 62 million active users can manage a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops and tress, and raising livestock.


Online Games – 0.56 hr/week


Social networking, the grouping of individuals into specific groups, has come to dominate Internet use. Facebook is one of some large and fast-growing social media sites which make a contribution to the loss in productivity. Over 500 million people visit Facebook each month. This social networking site burns users’ over 700 billion minutes per month.


Social Networks – 1.24 hr/week


Due to the growing popularity of social networking sites, e-mail has been undermining its primary means of online communication. In stead of using mails, many people can still keep in touch with others by social networks.


E-mail – 0.45 hr/week



Fantasy football has quickly become a national obsession especially during football seasons. Employees, particularly the male, contribute a certain amount of drag to many companies. It caused $ 9 billion in lost productivity last year.


Fantasy Football – 0.12 hr/week (during season)


There have been a growing number of people whose interests are in online videos and movies. Nearly 10 billion of U.S. videos were streamed in August. Take Google’s YouTube for example, this 3rd most visited site attracted over 161 million people to watch an average of 157 videos in August.


Videos/Movies – 0.21 hr/week



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