Top Seven Tips For Metaphysical Growth

1. Make laughter a daily spiritual practice. Laugh as often as possible. The more uncontrollable your bout of laughter becomes, the better you are doing. Not only should this work out your abs, it will also help you to take life less seriously. It would even be beneficial to greet unwelcome experiences with laughter.

When you look at life from a different perspective, you begin to feel like life is one big joke. Rather than just laughing silently to yourself, laugh out loud when it comes even if you are alone. If you pay attention, most of the people you would consider to be “spiritually advanced” tend to laugh quite often.

2. Choose internal peace. Although the world may continue to be in conflict you can always choose peace within. You may not be able to create world peace outside of yourself, but you have absolute control over your internal reality. With strict daily practice, through intention, you can always experience internal peace. Allow this calm feeling to radiate out through your thoughts and actions.

3. Show love to all who you come in contact with. Empathize with everyone around you, and you will understand that every person is living the best way they know how. They are acting based on their beliefs and programming. Therefore regardless of what they do or say, it would be well advised to show unconditional love back.

4. Spend time in nature. Make a sincere effort to be immersed in forests or some kind of natural environment. I find that this can be a very energizing activity, since it is very easy to see the beauty in nature. Also places that have been relatively unaffected by the human population usually have a relatively high vibrational frequency. This can trigger some profound experiences. Regardless of what you are doing, whether it is hiking, sitting, walking, etc… you will have access to an energy that may not usually be available to you.

5. Eat in the light. All food has vibrational levels. If you wish to raise your vibration, it is important you eat food with a high vibration. I have learned that foods such as whole grains, nuts, fresh fruit, and vegetables have high vibrational frequencies. Foods that contain dairy, meats, alcohol and sugar have lower vibrations. The essence of the foods you eat can have a long-lasting effect of you, even after you have digested the food.

6. Take Spiritual Action. You have an innate ability to transform the world. Each individual is deeply connected with all others and has power to change the mass consciousness. Understand that as you transform yourself you are transforming the world. Take responsibility for your unlimited power and become the change you wish to see in the world. Do not be concerned with changing the world, your role is to change yourself. Once you do this, the world will follow.

7. Get into a Spiritual Routine. Humans can be creatures of habit. Use this to your advantage by setting up a spiritual routine for yourself. Do not make it too hard or too easy. Write it down, and then stick to it. This should include your physical disciplines such as physical exercise, diet, and so on as well as your spiritual practices. You should include many of the practices outlined in this article and in past issue of Metaphysical Mind (freely available at my website).