Topic – Hybrid Cars – Going Green And Saving Gas

Most of us have places we have to go, and our feet just arent sufficient to get us there. At the same time, we worry about the impact on the environment of using our gas-guzzling, pollution-emitting automobiles. The price of fuel is also a serious concern for most of us, as it continues to rise.

Many are turning to hybrid cars to satisfy their need for transportation with the least possible impact on the environment (and their wallets). Hybrid car dealers are popping up all over the country, offering both new hybrid cars and used. While used hybrid cars are not as available yet as many would like them to be, they are becoming more available as hybrid cars become more popular.

Hybrid cars save gas, and therefore money, because of how they work. Hybrid cars have two motors: a gasoline motor which provides power to get up to speed and generates electricity to store in the batteries; and an electric motor that keeps the vehicle fuel efficient and lessens emissions by taking over during stop and go or slow traffic and other times when the gasoline motor is not needed. When you are driving a hybrid, and you are coasting or idling, usually the gasoline engine part will shut down, saving gas and reducing emissions. This causes the vehicle to have a much better fuel economy especially the larger hybrid SUV cars. Unlike traditional SUVs, hybrid SUV cars are much more environmentally friendly, because they use much less of the fossil fuels and emit much less pollution, making them a good way to go green even if you need a larger vehicle.

Some of the new hybrid cars have as their non-electric motors ones that run on fuels other than gasoline, making them even more environmentally friendly. Some of them use biofuels (such as ethanol) as an alternative to the more common gasoline, helping us to become less dependent on oil and other nonrenewable energy sources.

With car companies beginning to manufacture many new hybrid car options, it is becoming easier to find hybrid car dealers. New hybrid cars are now being offered by many vehicle manufacturers, including Ford, Lexus, Saturn, Mercury, and Toyota. The hybrid SUV cars offered by these companies have features such as more miles per gallon, lower fuel costs, and very little greenhouse gas emissions.

With a little bit of looking, most people will find a hybrid car dealer within a reasonable driving distance from their home. Many manufacturers are working on adding new hybrid cars to their lineup over the next few years, which will give consumers additional choices and options.

Regardless which options you choose, choosing a new or used hybrid car is an excellent way to show that you care about the environment and to reduce both consumption of fossil fuels and noxious emissions, both of which contribute to the decline of the quality of our earth and the lives of those on it. Why not go green with a hybrid car? BOLA TANGKAS