Total Cleanse – Why Juicing is the Best Nutrient Delivery System

Juice for health is often seen as the best way to receive concentrated nutrients and vitamins as well as acting as a healthy alternative to sodas and artificial juices that have become so commonplace in our daily lives. The most important aspect to healthfulness of a juice to cleanse with is its ability to keep and transmit its nutrients to your body for absorption or as its otherwise known- “bio availability”. Juicing is seen as one of the best transports for healthy vitamins and minerals because its freshly made juice that hasn’t been pasteurized and also doesn’t have all that fiber slowing down or impeding the nutrient absorption process.

Do not forget however that fiber is extremely important to your diet and keeping your body clean and at optimal waste removing capacity, but you just want to make sure that when your juicing for health reasons you want your fiber from other sources like eating the produce itself or getting it from various organic whole grain products, this is because fiber inhibits nutrient absorption which is the very thing your trying to increase with juicing. Always remember as well if you do use produce as one of your sources for fiber intake that you make sure you wash them thoroughly with a good veggie wash, even if the produce is organic.

The other notable factor here is the active live enzymes and cultures found in freshly made juices, these enzymes are extremely important as they are the main carrier and reason why vitamins and minerals get absorbed by your body more efficiently. Juices you buy from a store or order as pre packaged juices have been processed some way or another, even if it’s only light pasteurization you won’t find any enzymes in the store bought juices. If your are fortunate enough to find straight not from concentrate bottle juice that isn’t processed you still won’t be getting the maximum benefit because enzymes have a very short half life and generally die off within hours after juicing unless pressure sealed and stored in a very cold fridge for about 24 hours of additional shelf life.

Supplements and vitamin pills also suffer from not having active enzymes to improve absorption because they are all man made or man derived extracts and as such the body generally passes most of those expensive nutrients right through its system as waste. So save your money from being wasted on expensive supplements and start juicing to start seeing the real benefit of vitamins and minerals in your diet.