Tourism in Panna National Park

Panna Natioanl Park is situated in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated in a town by the same name which denotes a valuable stone. The town is situated at a distance of 57 Kms from the historical web site of Khajuraho. In truth the town is also popular for its diamond mines which have mined out renowned diamonds that have produced India popular.
The park is the twenty second tiger reserve and is a tourist location in India and the fifth 1 in Madhya Pradesh. According to the tourism ministry of India it is the most maintained national park in the nation. It even won the Award of Excellence in the year 2007.
The park has a large stock of animal and plant life in its domain.
Animal Life:
This tiny but effectively maintained kingdom of the king of the forest is a fantastic internet site for tour and travel in India. Apart from the tiger, leopard, wolf, wild dog, hyena, caracal and smaller sized wild cats are abundantly seen right here. The sloth bear finds home in the caves of the rocky slopes and quiet valleys. The largest deer obtainable in the nation, the sambar is found in enormous herds. The other two categories of deer are chital and chowsingha. Nilgai and chinkara can easily be observed on the borders of the park. Different types of snakes besides python are observed here in huge numbers.
Indian tourism has become famous simply because of the assortment of migratory birds that go there from diverse countries due to the onset of the cruel months of winter in these nations. The forests are dressed by a variety of virtually 200 species of birds. Starting from the white necked stork, honey buzzard, bareheaded goose, blossom headed parakeet, King Vulture, slaty headed scimitar babbler to the paradise flycatcher, everything is available here.
Plant Life:
The mixed vegetation that is located right here starts at Cape Comorin in South India and Upper Indo Gangetic Plain. It is the meeting point of tropical and subtropical dry broad leaf forest belt. It is also known as the northern tip of the teak forests and eastern pint of kardhai. The park has an inundated physical function. It is adjacent to the Ken Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary and each are filled with streams and waterfalls. The wild animals get pleasure from a lot in the open woodlands and open grasslands. The tall elephant grasses and thorny woodlands are actually something they like.
The exclusive population of the forest is greatest observed throughout the heat of the summer time months when the animals come out to drink water. There are many tour packages in India that offer a vivid view of the park. Considering that it is close to the Khajuraho town it is visited by the vacationers. It is really effortless to attain the place from the historical web site. It is also the nearest airport from the town apart from becoming the nearest bus terminus. From Madla one particular can also employ road transport and board buses to reach the park. Panna can be reached by road by availing national highways passing by way of Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi, Bamitha and Madla.
In India, there are many far more reserved forests like the Nagarhole National Park and the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.