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Indo Asia provides you unforgettable tours of India, With our adventure tours of India, luxury tours of India, Festival tours of India, South India Tours, Golden Triangle tour trip India and wildlife tours, one can feel the thrill of true wildlife adventure and experience the photographing from extremely close to the animals and birds. Come and explore the wild jungles and forests of India with us. As the birthplace of the Buddha and the land exactly where he traveled to spread the word of his teachings, India is considered the center of Buddhist studies. Buddhism is one of the most well-known religions in India, and influences the culture in a multitude of methods. Buddha travelled from location to spot until ultimately he attained enlightenment by meditation under the Bodhi Tree in Bogdhgaya (Bihar).

There are among 4 and sixteen famous Buddhist Pilgrimage sites in India like Sarnath, Shravasti, Nalanda, Rajgir, Sankashaya and a lot of much more locations. We provides effortless on-line bookings for our very best buddhist tours. These tours cover most of the well-known places of Buddhist pilgrimage. We assure, you will travel to the source of buddhism with these buddhist tour programs .

Wildlife Tours India

Nowadays, about 12% of the land is beneath tree cover and most of this supports a wildlife sanctuary. India has 247 wildlife sanctuaries and 44 National Parks.

A single of the distinctive features of wildlife watching in India is an elephant ride (in most of the parks), which requires a visitor into the heart of the wild theatre. On demand we can give ornithologists, wildlife authorities or naturalists. It is also attainable for us to include a lecture with slides or film on Indian wildlife by an professional or photographer.

About 600 BC in India a new program of medicine evolved. A system that in addition to treating an ailment, stressed on its prevention. A program that came to be named Ayurveda. This tradition of wellness and care (wellness) was followed by the Dravidians and Aryans alike and has been practiced ever given that. In the 5th century, there are historical references of some sort of a crude technique of healing prevalent in Kerala.
Right now, Ayurveda is an indispensable branch of medicine – a complete naturalistic technique that depends on the diagnosis of your body’s humours – vata, pitta and kapha – to obtain the correct balance. We have a variety of wellness tours of Kerala and Goa.