Trade Show To Go: The Advantage Of Portable Exhibits

Consumers are constantly on the go in today’s fast-paced society. As a result, lots of products are coming out with ‘to go’ options. Instant stain fighters, mini hand sanitizers and most restaurants have some form of ‘to go’ option. However, with displays the issue is not only a matter of convenience. Portable exhibits can save your company a lot of money in several ways.  The decision you must make is if the advantages of the portable trade show exhibits outweigh the disadvantages.

Less Expensive To Buy

The cost is one reason many businesses choose convenient displays over other options. Developing a custom design or selecting a modular design has additional cost in development, creative and materials. For small booths, this is overkill. The portable trade show exhibits are built to endure the rigors of travel. The cost is less than modular or custom displays because the displays are manufactured in quantity. This also means, however, a number of exhibitors will be using the same trade show booths.

Fast Setup Without Need For Installers

Modular and custom trade show displays have added expenses in setup. In some locations, a specific company must set up the display. More complex displays require added labor and cost more to set up. Portable exhibits are easy to setup. Because they are built for exhibitors on the go, they setup in minutes without need for additional labor. As a result, the exhibitor saves time and money. The displays come with setup instructions making it easy to assign the responsibility to any booth staff member.

Easier To Store And Ship

Since the displays are travel ready, they are compact for simple storage or shipment. Storing the display takes an open closet at the office; as opposed to custom or modular designs that require a larger storage space. Businesses save on the cost of shipping as well. Since events happen all over the country, many exhibitors transport the display from location to location. This is quite expensive depending on the size and weight of the booth. Most portable exhibits are checked by an exhibitor for their flight or shipped separately at a much lower cost. The money saved can be used to develop marketing efforts at each exhibit.

Deciding whether to go with convenience or modular can be difficult task. Getting advice from a professional will help you to make the best decision. Opting for the best design that provides the most return is important to your success.