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“Audio industry is really to die, Monk and more meat less, competition is still fierce, too many people of this line, the market volume is limited.” In August 2009 the third Video Hand activities, Guangzhou, Shenzhen trip, many dealers so much down grievances. Sound, that in the last century 90’s much admired respected AV Reds really slowly fade in the public view? Voices in unison from the first-line recognition, the domestic brands that have also insisted on the traditional sound front lines of battle, and now number over Baizhaozhitou can also can not blame someone specific, product diversification is the current development of the common audio and video business choice.

Ebb tide after tide from the microscopic
According to the statistics, more than 3,000 different sizes along the Pearl River Delta Multimedia Speaker Manufacturers, loss-making enterprises occupy about one-third loss was 29.22%, 60% No. The lack of loud brand out of competition in the audio industry have shared the field with a love waves, landscape, Wafer in seven brands of Canada Guangzhou, China audio was acquired by light, blue light audio Shenzhen Nuorui De took over the series of mergers and acquisitions … hard to cover up the decline of domestic audio to the edge.

“Having failed to make a” one to leave the audio industry, dealers said the collapse of sound business failures, switch careers, have long been caught in the winter. Data show that the audio industry in 2004 will enter recession period, then the whole industry domestic sales fell more than 2 percent, there has been almost 5 years down the first time, the industry entered the market inflection point, officially entered the overt downturn. Since 2004, this decline has accelerated, the overall market and the local civilian audio market decline was alarming, industry-wide decline was 20% -30%, the local market compared to last year fell by as much as 50%, as the audio market leader in China Guangdong market, the proportion fell to about 25%.

2005 started to become DVD Machines and home theater products, business-oriented “Passion years.” China Audio Industry Association released the annual report of the market: the survival status of their overall poor audio, home theater is to continue to decline over 30% of the total output for the first time fell below five million pieces (sets). Anonymous a large number of brands such as wind, than the rhyme Goldsmith, the Joint Declaration, establish higher after another disappear from the dead, reflects audio industry Gloomy bleak. “In its heyday, a sound volume of business the city tens of millions a year, but now only 30 million first quarter revenue, dealers can only be withdrawn, or only to die.” The dealer said, in this case , some professional sound can only choose the city in transition, sold other Home Appliances Products. Yinchuan, Ningxia Electric

Ze-yu Yin Hongxiang manager said, “speaker industry is really not, do not make enough, also by 2.1 speaker support keep up appearances, that is, matching the speaker board with LCD. A meter or so of small speakers, Sound Column can be placed in the living room, TV’s on both sides, as Home Decorations, but also a little volume. The media do so many people, prices are cheaper, ranging from dozens to two or three hundred, the brand can count hundreds of species, a set of sound also make a 10 8, doing exhausting the competition is still fierce, you have to do Sha Tau? I now want to LCD TV Turn it on. “Yin Jingli words full of sound practitioners of frustration and hardship.

Have this feeling not only these first-line dealers who have the upstream industry chain, and even master the core technologies of Dolby, DTS, and other international giants, have felt the breath of the decline of the domestic audio industry. Than a few years ago, the last two years the two giants in the Chinese market is particularly low-key. DTS is committed to advancing the current two technologies, one Blu-ray First, the two-channel analog 5.1-channel technology, a technology before the next-generation HD DVD format against to win DVD market opportunities; the latter technology is massive and flat-panel TV business DTS Cooperation , The collection of TV company patent a magic weapon. The rapid rise in the flat TV and sound increasingly demanding circumstances, DTS saw opportunities for cooperation. Sound bad-mouthing the traditional keynote

China Audio Industry Association of the Secretary-General Jin Zhenglong embarrassing situation of domestic audio industry, pointed out that despite the many external factors, lack of product innovation and sound industry in China is still the core issue stalled. BOLA TANGKAS