Training American Bulldogs – Stop Your Pet from Being a Menace

American bulldogs can be potentially dangerous and intimidating dogs when not well trained. The breed is great as a guard dog since they are fierce, protective and can scare of intruders very effectively. They can be great pets for your family too but it would be necessary to handle their training proactively. Because of their aggressive behavior it is necessary to be consistent with their training from a very early age.  

Challenges Encountered in Training

Training American bulldogs can present several unique challenges. However, this does not mean that the breed is not a good choice for a family pet. You will simply have to be aware about behavior patterns that are unique to them. The first challenge is their size. These are large dogs and they would require a lot of space to run. Because of their size, they can do quite a lot more damage than Chihuahuas. They can be quite playful so they often like to jump and run around things at home. Because of the large size, they can do damage even if they are simply playing.  

Handling Training

American bulldogs are very protective and to train them you will have to socialize them well and expose them to other people. They will have to be around other people and be friendly and normal so they don’t attack anyone who enters your house in an attempt to protect you and your family. These dogs are also known to be quite aggressive with other animals and dogs. They can be quite intimidating and have natural hunting instincts that make them dangerous around smaller animals and cats. For this reason, they will also have to be socialized with other animals and taught to be friendly with your other pets.  

You should also know that quite a lot of people don’t view these dogs positively even if they might not have done anything wrong. Therefore, training these dogs is very important and critical. If you are not quite sure how to handle their training or are facing a few problems with it then you may want to seek help from a professional trainer or a training school that can train your pet the right way and with success. American bulldogs can be a joy to be around if they are trained well.