Training To Evaluate The Best Mlm Company
If you found this article you have probably been searching the internet for information about how to find the Best MLM Company. In this article you will learn about the 2nd of 5 key factors to consider when doing your own due diligence.
In Factor #1 we discussed the company itself, so now that we have determined the company is reputable and will be a good business partner, we move on to factor #2, The Team.
Network Marketing is a team sport, so the team you choose is of critical importance to your success in the MLM industry. These are people, both up line leaders and down line colleagues, you will be working with very closely, perhaps even daily.
In the course of evaluating any MLM Company you will very likely be introduced to at least one person who is considered to be a big hitter. Dont make assumptions, ask questions and learn all you can about them. Who are they? What is their background? How did they get where they are? Do you like them? Trust them? Can you see yourself being coached by them?
I was once introduced to a leader by someone who was prospecting me and within a few minutes, by asking a lot of questions, I learned that this leader had only been involved with that particular company for a handful of months and had been paid a sizeable bonus to sign up based on his past MLM experience. That all might be well and good, but I just didnt get the feeling that this leader was someone I could trust. It is important that a leader is someone you like and trust and can have confidence that they have a skill set that will help you succeed.
Another important aspect to evaluate is the accessibility of up line leaders. One of the most effective tools in any Network Marketing business is the Three Way Call. There is an interesting phenomenon in MLM that makes the Three Way Call so effective. One of those phenomena is something called Social Proof. Every prospect you speak to will be looking for proof that your opportunity is what you say it is. The second phenomena is called Third Party Validation. Regardless of how credible you are, prospects are more likely to believe anyone else, so long as that person is not you. So, you may think you know more or have better phone skills than your up line, but unless you introduce your prospect to them, you will struggle to sponsor new reps due to a lack of Social Proof and Third Party Validation in your recruiting process. Ideally you will be making many three way calls, every day if possible, so it is vitally important that you have access to several people on the team with whom you can connect your prospects.
Dont just talk to the leaders and big hitters, you are introduced to. Talk to a few newbies on the team too. Ask them about their experience so far with the team. Dig in and find out how much support and training they are really getting.
In the final analysis, it comes down to this: Does this team offer the expertise, skills and tools to enhance your personal value to the market place? But its a two way street. What do you offer that will enhance the market value of the team and individual members of the team?
Unfortunately, most MLMers and even many leaders in the MLM industry simply dont understand how to properly utilize the massive marketing power of the internet to build an MLM business. What if you could learn a few of those skills? Wouldnt that increase the value of any team? Of course it would!
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