Trauma Healing And Physiological Healing For Tendonitis And Broken Bone Healing

Bones and cartilages make up our endoskeleton. Locomotion involves the association of these bones, which remain attached to each other by tendons and muscles. When the tendons get damaged due to injury or stress they obstruct movement.| . Any kind of injury to the tendons is known as tendonitis.. It causes stiffness of the joints, pain with a burning sensation and localized swelling. Stiffness of the joints with pain and burning sensation are some of it’s symptoms. The injured joint may show formation of knots.

A conservative approach is taken in the treatment of tendonitis with the use of physical therapy and pain killers.Rest is advised followed up with gradual return to physical exercise. Rest, ice, compress and elevate is the cure suggested which is depicted by the acronym “RICE”. In chronic cases, tendonitis treatment is done by laser therapy.

.The bodies physiological process help in healing the broken bones. Even though surgery and rest fastens the healing process but the physiological processes of the body play an important role.

physiological healing is done in three phases–:

1. The reactive phase in which inflammation of the injured area occurs followed by the formation of the granulation tissues.
2. The reparative phase which involves formation of callus and lamellar deposition.
3. the final stage is the one in which the bone is brought back to it’s original contour.

These together with immobilisation of the effected area, which is done by encasing the injured bone with plaster or fibre glass cast, finally helps in the healing of the fractured bone. However, putting the cast around the injured part may be very painful and cause physical trauma to the patient. Panic attacks followed by numbing experiences are some of the symptoms of the trauma inflicted by such painful experiences.

So, broken bone healing should have trauma healing as an integral part of it. With this in mind a number of methods have been advised. Somatic experiencing is one such approach aimed at resolving trauma related health problems faced by an individual. This is done by focusing on the clients’ body experiences and then helping them to release the physical tension.

In other approaches like Internal family system therapy, EMDR etc, focus is given to the building of the patient’s self belief.

only patients who have already gone through these traumatic experiences can understand the feelings and hardships of other such persons and help them to overcome their experiences . . groups of people who have successfully overcome their traumatic experiences have formed the National Centre for Trauma-Informed care. They give advice to help in the overall healing of the traumatic experiences. BOLA TANGKAS
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