Travel by RV and Visit Mexico in a New Way

If you and your family are planning a vacation and would like to include beauty and a new culture while keeping costs reasonable, you may want to consider traveling to Mexico by RV. There is no question that the beaches, cities, and people of Mexico offer a uniquely relaxing vacation experience, making it an incredibly popular destination.

The benefits that come with crossing the border in your RV are now better than ever. You are sure to save money especially while traveling along the western coast cities where hotels and resorts are often high priced. You will also save on dining expenses since you have the ability to cook from the comfort of your RV. With the dropping costs of diesel fuel, your gas prices will be lower than you’d expect. You are sure to enjoy the stability of a permanent bed, bathroom, and kitchen, avoiding the need to “live out of your suitcase.” With an RV, you aren’t restrained by a hotel reservation; you can choose spontaneous trips, staying or leaving an area as you want. By staying out of the crowded tourist areas when parking, you will be sure to meet some wonderful local people and experience a side of Mexico you may never see otherwise.

There are a few potential complications that can easily be avoided if you plan ahead and go prepared. Unlike the US, there will not be multiple RV parks in every city, particularly as you venture away from the Pacific Coastal area. You will want to research and download or buy camping maps, RV travel guides, and toll road maps. There are plenty of parks to stay overnight when you know where to find them. When taking your RV to Mexico, you will need to purchase Mexican RV insurance, so shop around and find the best rates before you leave. With a little bit of planning, you’ll find your vacation enjoyable, economical, convenient, and flexible.

The list of beaches, cities, and rural areas you can visit is extensive, but there a few top destinations you might want to look into. If you long for gorgeous beaches, perfect weather, and a full and exciting nightlife, Acapulco is a place for you. To find the highest quality in water sports, fishing, golf, and more, make a stop at Los Cabos. For a glimpse of rich history, culture, and entertainment head to Mexico City. The opportunities are vast when you are vacationing to Mexico in your RV.