Travel Tips On Which Is The Best Time To Go To Brazil

Brazil is a wonderful tourist destination, which will remain for a long time inside your memory. You’ll find beautiful beaches, a number of attractions, together with cosy Brazil hotels providing high-quality accommodation to all its visitors. Typically Brazil is suitable for visiting all the year round but here are some tips which will help you to choose the perfect for you time of the year.

The peak season in Brazil takes place from December to March. It is due to the proven fact that during this period take place a few of the most fascinating festivals and carnivals plus the country becomes filled with both international travelers as well as vacationing nationals. The prices rise in this period so it could be an incredible idea to book online a hotel in Brazil in advance and have the perfect discounted prices.

Brazils low travel season is between May and September. During this time, weather is warmer, but depending on your travel plans, you can still have an fascinating trip.

If you’re planning on traveling to Rio de Janeiro, note that the summer months are rather hot and humid. The good news in this case is you may have a great discount for somehotels in Brazil because of the low season.

The northeast coast of Brazil, from Maranhao to Bahia, provides a climate characterized by more warmth year-round. This region enjoys a great tropical breeze and much less humidity than other regions of the country. Here the rainy season runs about mid-December through to July, although many gorgeous days are had during this time as well.

If you are planning to visit the Amazon area, you have to avoid the rainy season, because the travel can become rather difficult. In this area the rainy season takes place from December to May. There is frequent rain in the Amazon during the rest of the year as well, but when it is not the rainy season it lasts no more than 2 hours. Dry season here is mid-April to late September. Traveling in these wetlands any other time will be quite problematic because many roads are washed out from the intense rains.

Carnival is by far the biggest and most well known festival of Brazil. Taking place in February or March, this national festival is celebrated throughout the country and is a good time to visit, if you plan ahead, as the crowds could be intense and most hotels booked well in advance.

Other notable holidays celebrated in Brazil include Easter, Christmas, New Year’s and Independence Day. BOLA TANGKAS