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The newest type of electronic technologies, enhanced drivers licenses are portion of assisting to speed up the procedure of travel outdoors the U.S. for travelers traveling by land or sea. Although not valid for travel by air, an enhanced license will expense you less than receiving a passport card and will get you in and out of the U.S. to Canadian and Mexican Borders. Understand more about the enhanced drivers license and if it is right for you in this Travel To Go Evaluations on enhanced drivers licenses.

Obtainable in four US states, this new technology combines the functionality of a Passport card with a U.S. drivers license. Current states issuing the enhanced drivers license include:
*New York

Also issuing are the Canadian provinces of:
*British Columbia

Approved beneath the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative or the WHTI, it is the 1st of its sort and was only introduced in 2008. Making use of radio frequency identification (RFID) capability, a machine readable zone – optical character study (MRZ-OCR) and contains a number of layers of overt, covert and forensic safety features to shield your safety.

How To Use Your Enhanced Drivers License

1.Cease at the starting of the lane &amp wait for a signal. Although stopped, you and all passengers should pull out essential travel documents. Wait for a sign to proceed forward. At some ports of entry, you will see a green light signaling you to go. If there is no green light, proceed when the vehicle ahead clears or the officer signals.

two.Hold card up &amp drive by means of to booth. Although driving by means of the lane, you and all passengers ought to hold travel documents up so that the flat face of the cards show through any window on the “driver’s side” of the vehicle. RFID-enabled cards will be automatically read while traveling down the lane. Proceed all the way to the booth.

3.Stop at officer’s booth. Cease for inspection at booth and be prepared to show the officer documents for all travelers in the car.

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