Treating Yeast Infection In Mouth And Tummy – What Foods Will Get Rid Of Mouth Yeast Infection

So what is the best way for treating yeast infection in mouth and tummy? I have this infection and its been a real bore to me. I want to cure it for good. So what foods will get rid of yeast in the mouth and in the tummy?

This is a question we got the other day and I will try to give an answer to it here. We cannot tell if it is yeast overgrowth from the computer, however it is likely, and very common. You are right on that eating well is key to health, and excess sugar, refined flour products, chlorinated water and caffeine can all contribute to yeast overgrowth as can antibiotics and other drugs.

“Probiotics” such as cultured yogurt, acidophilus supplemented (Jarrow brands and Primal Defense being among those of excellent quality, though can be pricy) helps rebalance the healthy bacteria in your gut. Fermented raw veggies are probably the strongest source for rebalancing as well as most cost effective, but do take a little time investment in learning how; – is a wise habit though, to build immunity as well as digestion.

If you are adventurous with an earthy palate, safe and nourishing herbs to eat would be burdock root (you can find these in health food groceries and find recipes online), dandelion leaves, and roasted chickory tea. These are traditional gut builders and are very safe herbs and good medicine.

However, to initially CLEAR OUT the excess yeast, I strongly hint on the suggestion of grapefruit seed extract, or GSE. Although use caution if you are pregnant and ALWAYS take in water if you use the liquid extract rather than pills. Other helpful supplements are capryllic acid and the herb pau d’arco you can take in capsules. Copious amounts of raw garlic or garlic tabs are also helpful and avoiding sugar as much as possible is crucial!

It is probably not celiac disease, which usually has much more dramatic symptoms, although it could be a wheat, soy, or nut sensitivity that can develop even after you have had no problems with this food in the past (often referred to as an “allergy”). You can cut out suspect food and see how your body responds, also try an herbal bitter before meals such as Sweetish Bitters, to stimulate digestion.

You can also have your doctor or other healthcare provider order a test for you from a place like Genova Diagnostics who have excellent tests for food allergies, candida (yeast infection), etc. There is a lot of good research on this available, just be wary of information garnished from web sites trying to sell you their products, its often a little over the top and not legitimate.

All the above tips might work fine, but for effectively curing yeast infection, I would also recommend this very great yeast infection get rid of manual that has been helping 1000s of people all around the world, teaching them the best and most effective natural ways to totally treat their infection and stop it from ever returning. This program is called The Yeast Infection No More Program by Linda Allen.

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