Treatments For Rosacea That Really Work

To start with, there are four types of Rosacea that are different. You have Prerosacea, vascular Rosacea, rhiophyma and inflammatory Rosacea. With prerosacea, it is characterized as are being outbreaks that regularly occur and looks like blushing and flushing on the neck and face area. This is also known for being the earliest stage of Rosacea. When it comes to vascular Rosacea, this is more commonly found in women and comes about when the blood vessels that are located under the facial skin start to swell. The next one, inflammatory Rosacea looks like pimples that have been enlarged by the blood vessels that form on the face. These are actually confused with pimples. Rhinophyma is a stage of Rosacea that is more advanced. This condition causes the nose to be more advanced because of swelling to the oil glands along with the cheeks and nose.

The exact cause for Rosacea is not known. However, it is a disease that generally affects that adults and it commonly affects women and people that have fair skin and who are from the descent of north and western European. Below, you are going to find some common symptoms of Rosacea:

Redness of the ears, back, chest or face
A nose that has been enlarged
Blood vessels that have been broken
Eye dryness, bloodshot eyes and irritation
Stinging and pain on the face

When it comes to Rosacea, it can be very emotional, but the physical symptoms are the most painful. Individuals that have this disease have reported that they feel embarrassed and self-conscience. Those individuals end up going through a deep depression and not only need treatment for Rosacea, but they also need medication for depression problems.  The millions of individuals that are infected with Rosacea are only able to search for the best type of treatment for Rosacea. When flair up of Rosacea does come up, the only option individuals are left with is finding the right types of treatments that are the best.

While finding the best treatments are important, it is also important to prevent Rosacea from forming. You should take care of your skin by washing it with soap that is mild and non-abrasive. You should make sure you avoid temperatures that are too hot and rinse your face with water that is lukewarm. Any soaps, cosmetics or chemicals that contain alcohol in it, you should stay away from it. Also, pay attention of the foods you eat and don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Now, really, what is the best treatment for Rosacea? Typically, it all depends on the patient we are dealing with. Individuals are known for responding different to a number of different treatments for Rosacea. Some individuals will get results from the oral antibiotics. Others will get their best results through laser therapy.