Tricks to Get The best Bathtubs

Choosing a bathtub can be very tricky; you need to think about the depth, the length and the width. Those are the things that you need to know before buying a bathtub. You need also think about the purpose of having a bathtub. Wider bathtub is used to accommodate two or more person.

You can think about the size after measuring the bathroom’s size. The bathroom size is the standard in choosing the proper bathtub for you. Smaller bathroom can’t accommodate big bathtub.

If you want to fill the tub with water, you need to check the supporting stuffs such as framing, soaking tubs, whirlpools, etc. you need to upgrade your water heater in your house since the tub will need more hot water if you have a tub for two persons.

The third thing that you need to pay attention is the model. Tub is available in various shapes such as circular, freestanding, and oval styles. You can choose which one of the shapes fits your bathroom size. The bathtub size will determine the entrance door and the plumbing.

For home usage, you can use built-in and free-standing tubs. Both of them are the most familiar and common tubs in most home. Built-in tubs have three kinds; they are drop-in, corner and alcove style. Drop-in tubs are not recommended for the people who have more mobility; it will be hard to be unplugged from your floor. This model will be sunken into the tub deck or floor. If you want to mount this style on its own frame, you need to call a carpenter and it will cost you a lot.

Alcove models are less expensive tubs. You can choose this tub to be installed in your house. This model is less expensive because it has less finishing surface. This tub is surrounded in three sides. This house hold is always combined with waterproof wall.

The last model has various models, they are pedestal, claw-foot models and many other legged style. Freestanding tubs are considered as the most efficient and easiest to install since it uses exposed pipes. This is the most popular tub recently. You don’t have to call a carpenter to help you install this tub.