Trout Fishing Tackle – Getting The Essentials Before You Go Fishing

What kind of trout fishing tackle do you need for your first fishing trip? If you walk into a bait shop, they will try to sell you just about everything in the shop. However, you only need some essentials to get started. The choice of fishing rig depends on the type of water you want to fish. Light rods do well in smaller streams where there is less water and lighter fish. Heaver rods work better in larger streams with larger trout. Lighter rods in small streams mean the need of a lighter line as well. A 2 to 4 pound test weight line is often enough for the smaller streams. In larger streams with heavier gear, you might want line in the 6 to 15 pound test weight area.

Once you have your rod and line, the next bit of trout fishing tackle is the lures and baits. Experienced anglers often use a combination of the two. Others love the challenge of creating their own lures. For the beginner, many suggest using natural bait to get started. You can dig up your own bait on the side of the stream or river. You can also purchase it at a local bait shop. If you want to try your hand at lures, choose a lure that resembles the local prey that the trout usually eat. Take a number of lures on the trip to make sure you have options.

When you have the rod, line, and lure, what is next in trout fishing tackle? Most anglers want to get into the water to fish for trout. That means you need waders and boots. Waders are one-piece designs that go on over your clothing. They come in hip or chest heights. They often include fleece lining for cooler weather fishing trips. You can get a variety of wading boots as well for shallower streams and the banks of rivers.

What else do you need in trout fishing tackle? A good fishing vest takes the place of a tackle box when you are in the stream or river. They have a multitude of small pockets to hold lures, hooks, and other essentials. They may also have D-rings sewn on to carry nets. Hats and sunglasses are essential as well. Anglers also need a good net to haul the fish in and creels to carry their catch home. These essentials will make your first fishing trip memorable. BOLA TANGKAS