Truth About Six-Pack Abs Review-Best Way to Get a Six Pack

Mike Geary is a bloke that has a bunch of initials following his Name: NCSF-CPT, AFAA-CPT – all of which means that he’s a dual certified personal trainer .. . and that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to a diet and fitness.

Mike has chosen to look at each of the myths and legends of one of many elements of fitness that is of maximum interest to all of us, males as well as females who want to know the best way to get a six pack.

In his well received book, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, Mike takes to task all on the half truths that has proliferated about what physical exercises work best for developing that “six-pack” so valued by beach-goers.

In addition to establishing a great abs exercise program,Geary has incorporated dietary guidelines and discloses loads of so called “healthy foods” as being a farce. A joint program of good exercises and dietary advice is a real winner.

Mike Geary has a BS degree and a lot of knowledge in personal training. He does not advocate performing crunches, sit-ups or using any abdominal machine. He feels they really are ineffective and also a waste of time. Instead he introduces the reader to a series of exercises that he claims are a great deal more practical at building good abs.

His nutritional advice is more for the bodybuilder and serious trainer who want to put on show their cut-up, muscular midsection. His program is good for general weight reduction, but it is really targeting the serious bodybuilder who really wants the the best way to get a six pack.

Mike’s approach is to blast our bodies with fat dropping exercise, a program that will cut down your body fat content of everybody who follows the regimen closely. The “truth” is that your six-pack may already be there, however it is concealed under subcutaneous fat. Remove the fat and the six-pack is there.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs promotes a multitude of non-traditional exercises, all intended to work one’s body smarter and harder, but not longer. Rather than being just about abs, the book addresses whole body workouts that also affect the midsection.

A variety of other internet sites contain links to Geary’s homepage and they all feature testimonials of Mike’s product. None that I could locate are derogatory and the vast majority of them were exceptionally admiring. Every one of the serious users of the program reported great results. Some of these were from bodybuilding professionals, but the majority were from amateurs.

So, even though the reported target is around the bodybuilder, many of the users are individuals who just desire to get into shape and learn the best way to get a six pack. Whatever your situation, you can benefit from Mike Geary’s book and program.

The exercises do not necessitate a gym membership or any expensive dietary supplements or the purchase of something other than Mike’s great book. Invest in yourself and purchase one now. Mike provides a low-cost trial period including a guarantee of results once you properly apply the principles set forth therein.

Through his webpage, Mike also provides other publications on training and weight loss diet. Some of these are free downloads, some can be found at a low price. His Training and Nutrition Insider: Secrets for a Lean Body, is among the freebies and it is well worth the time used up to read the 64-page tip-packed manual.