Tune Up Your Pc For Best Performance

Has your computer been running slowly for quite some time and you are considering selling it off? Well, you dont need to buy a new one. With the new one too you will experience the same problem after some days. So, what to do? Act smart, with just some tune up you can make your computer work like a new one. There are a lot of possible reasons for having a slow computer. Your PC might be infected by virus or the Registry has some issue or its just a simple case of you hard-drive being full of junk. Fixing all these errors will make your computer perform like a brand new. This is known as PC tune up. You can avail PC tune-up support from a computer repair company. If you dont want to spend money and would like to resolve the issue on your own, this is the article for you.

There are many ways by which you can tune up your computer for the best performance. Here we will discuss some of them with which you can easily speed up your computer. Lets start our discussion with the Disk Defragmenter option. This is a built-in utility in Windows operating system that makes your hard drive tidy and arranges all the pieces of the files. To access to Disk Defragmenter tool go to your Start Menu, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Defragment. This will boost up your computers performance significantly.

Disk Clean-Up is another useful tool with which you can boost your computer performance. The job of this tool is to remove all the junk from your Hard-Drive as well as clean cookies. If you have never used this tool on your computer, it may take some time to complete the clean-up process.

Sometimes, you cannot get the best performance from your PC due to virus infection. These are small programs that install themselves automatically when your computer is connected to the Internet. To protect your computer against viruses you should install a powerful antivirus software on your computer and update it regularly. Spyware is another malicious object that is used by the hackers to steal your personal and confidential information. This slows down computer significantly. To make your computer protected you should also install an anti-spyware on your PC.

As a part of PC tune-up, you should also clean your registry. Unnecessary and corrupt registry entries make the computer perform sluggishly in many cases. Your computer even starts acting abnormally if the number of issues becomes heavy. In fact, cleaning the computer registry regularly is an important part of PC maintenance. If you cant repair the registry on your own, you can talk to an expert. BOLA TANGKAS