Twin And Single Mattresses Are One And The Same

Bed sizes and names vary depending on country or continent; for example a single mattress in the United Kingdom is called a twin mattress in North America. The two are similar in height however at 39 by 75; the North American mattress is wider than the UK equivalent which is 36 by 75. But why does virtually the same product have different names in different regions?

A single mattress in the United Kingdom is very similar to that of the North American equivalent, however the twin mattress is exactly half the size of a king mattress which makes two twin mattresses a cheaper alternative to a standard King. The term twin mattress comes from when two single beds are in a room, allowing two people to sleep in the room; hence a twin room, or twin mattresses. This could have evolved from having two children in the same room, so needing two beds.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, a single mattress can usually be found in a single room and is common amongst younger children. North America also has the twin XL (extra long) which is popular amongst taller teenagers and college students. The single can be found throughout Mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand as well as UK and Ireland however the length and width are slightly different. This is why it is always important to check the dimensions of any mattress before buying it for a couple of reasons. With such a variation in mattress sizes, you should be vigilant as to which dimensions you have before buying the bedding accessories to go with it. Your height in general is a major factor in which bed you decide to buy, and if you are too tall for the mattress you will not get the rest that your body requires.

There is such a slight difference in all variations of the single and Twin, and they symbolise the region in which they are sold. Seeing the different names for what in essence is the same mattress confuses some people, and the variety of sizes in different countries leaves people wondering about which mattress to go for. However both single and twin mattresses are the same, but their names have different origins. In future articles I will look at the different names and sizes of mattresses and how they vary from countries to regions.