Twitter For Musicians and Bands: A How-To Guide

Component of the beauty of Twitter is that it can be many issues to several folks. As part of my work to recruit as many people to Twitter as feasible, I decided that I should create posts about how Twitter can be utilised in various circumstances. For example, of course you can just use Twitter to make plans with your close friends, but the interactivity of Twitter can be quite beneficial for folks in all sorts of various professions. I am going to attempt to come up with as several distinct makes use of for it as I can and I’m going to begin with the 1 I feel (for much better or worse) certified the most to speak about: making use of Twitter to market your band or music.

Your Fans Genuinely Do Care What You happen to be Undertaking
Think it or not, if you have been making music for a even though, you have most likely accumulated a not-insignificant group of fans who are interested in what you do on a everyday basis. These are the fans that download all your songs (whether or not you want them to or not), go to all your shows and buy all your t-shirts. Each band has these, no matter how extended you have been about or how poor your music is. These are the men and women that you can cater to with Twitter.

I suggest updating at least twice a day. After when you get up you ought to post what you’re going to be undertaking that day, whether or not or not it is related to your music, and as soon as when your day is completed to let them know how it went. Believe me, if Cedric and Omar from The Mars Volta or Daft Punk have been on Twitter, you much better believe I would be following them and would get super excited whenever they updated, even if it was just to let me know that they were consuming a bowl of Cheerios.

Promoting Your Shows
Twitter can be an really successful promotional tool due to the fact you can ask individuals to come to your shows on several different occasions. If you are booking a tour, I recommend updating on Twitter when the dates are finalized and linking to the posted dates on your net website. Also, the day just before the show, as properly as the day of, you can update reminding everyone to come out to see you.

If you have adequate fans and followers, you could make them really feel added particular by possessing exclusive shows or afterparties that you only mention on Twitter. After your fans discover out that you are getting these secret events, they will start following you on Twitter, thereby rising your attain.

Take Requests
Given that Twitter tends to make it so straightforward to interact with your fans, why not ask them what they want to hear when they come to your show? Maybe you’ve been neglecting to play an old fan favorite. Twitter is an easy way to uncover out what your fans want to hear, straight from the source. All they have to do is either direct message you or reply to you using the @ symbol.

Twitter-Exclusive Downloads
Say thank you to your biggest fans by giving your Twitter followers the heads up on exclusive new songs and videos. Posting a hyperlink on Twitter and NOT your internet internet site says that you really worth your fans sufficient to give them anything specific. Of course, when word gets out that you have a new song offered for download, your non-Twittering fans will download it, but your Twitter followers will feel special because you gave them the heads up very first.

Get Immediate Feedback
Not sure if that hook you’re writing is trash or gold? Post a clip on Twitter and if you have adequate followers, you’ll get immediate feedback in minutes! Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs Inc. and Mahalo, uses it to get feedback on new styles for Mahalo. Certain, you could say that the fans ought to have no impact on the music you make, but if you want, you have an immediate concentrate group that has your greatest interests at heart, wants you to succeed and would love to have you take their feedback into consideration.

Twitter-Exclusive Contests
This falls along the identical lines as taking requests via Twitter, except it really is much more exciting. You could produce a contest in which they plug your new song or upcoming show in one of their updates and that enters them into a drawing where the winner gets free of charge tickets to an upcoming show in their area. You get totally free promotion, they get to come to your show for free of charge and their followers check out your new song. It really is a win-win for every person involved.

This is actually just scratching the surface of how musicians can leverage Twitter to develop their brand, improve their audience and get much more individuals to hear their music. I’m positive as time goes on and far more and far more bands adopt Twitter the way they did MySpace, we’ll see some actually innovative approaches to use Twitter, but these suggestions ought to be sufficient to get you started. Very good luck and adhere to me on Twitter!
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