Two things you should keep a secret when you attract women

This is the case with these four things I’m going to reveal to you, whenever you say them to a woman, she would either think you are weak, or you are a loser, when in fact all you wanted is to appear special and kind to women.

There is a great issue with women, they want guys to start sharing with them and opening up.

And there is a great issue with guys too, they will share and open up with women.

1. The first thing you need to keep a secret to attract women is your “exs”.

This will sound very normal to most of you and you would think that telling a girl about your ex is something that you would never do.

The truth is that you will do it sooner or later.

A girl you are very interested to will ask you to tell her about your ex-girlfriend and you will start little by little until giving her all the nasty details about what was going on between you two.

The girl on the other hand wasn’t truly interested in knowing the details, she was testing you and seeing whether you are a mystery to her or not.

By telling girls about your exs, you are even giving them ammunitions to fire at you when you do something wrong with them.

The best thing is to do is shut up, and if a girl asks you to tell her about your ex, just tell her: NO

2. The second thing to keep a secret from women to attract them is your feelings

This is a huge issue.

I was passing the other day near a couple who seemed very fond of each others and the guy was telling the girl that he loves her eyes, shoulders, nose, …. And that he fallen in love the moment he saw her …

The girl on the other hand was telling him to “stop it” and she meant it.

I’m sure that in the next days she will come to him with a very nice breakup speech and how she is the one to blame and not him…

A word of advice, never tell a woman you love her or you like her until you passed the six months dating period.