Uk Glass Container Manufacturing Technologies And New Progress

Glass containers on the market can be divided into three parts, beverage containers, food containers and cosmetic use, small containers with medical supplies. In recent years, the international market demand for glass containers overall downward trend, but glass containers are still beverages, medicines and other major packaging. To meet the international packaging market, fierce competition, some of the UK manufacturer of glass containers and scientific research departments to introduce new equipment and new technology to the manufacture of glass containers made considerable progress.

Associated British glass company uses three drops of material bottle machine, blowing pressurized bottles of beer produced by small-caliber, not only guarantee the product quality, but the production capacity by 50%. Plant material with three drops of the production of 250mm bottle machine brand Bidon light brown beer bottle in short supply in the international market.

Gra-Pnoida Development Co., Ltd. successfully developed the first Type Modular automatic bottle machine injection system, installation of group 4 to 8 drops of material IS bottle machine used to make medicine bottles and cosmetics bottles, machine speed up to 410 per minute. The automatic injection system can be a variety of IS bottle machine software control, such as the software is not suitable, or bottle machine is driven by the drum, may be the one with a digital keyboard, video display devices and micro-cassette memory control processor.

PLM-Red-fearm in glass production line, has installed high-speed imaging system. The system can detect bottle roundness, measuring 800 per minute, but can also check the sidewall on? China Building Material – Building Material Made Easy? Ranked the top three most outstanding peer defect, small bubbles, stones, bottom and protruding other defects, defects of the area even as small as 0.9mm2 can also be detected, the sidewall sticky silk, blowing can identify defects such as flash, the detection of simple control system, high resolution, with much focus / zoom camera and recording devices are expected to drop.

Multi-screen Glass Co., Ltd. use of the existing feeding device and channel, construction of automated glass coating line shrink film, shrink film method with decorative glass containers. In the past, the company’s screen printing, spray paint and acid etching 3 on glass packaging containers decorated with shrink film method, the color pattern can be decorated on the glass, bottle and can effectively protect the surface. After decorative glass containers, popular medicine and cosmetics industry welcome.

British Energy has also developed an advanced glass material for the Road-BH-F400 Series Forehearth. This glass material for the Road, is a kind of special refractory brick made of the whole top, the middle of a cooling channel, cooling time required, the cold air along the feeding centers give it away, to overcome the conventional design for forehearth heating system and cooling system efficiency is not high disadvantages. Forehearth temperature control of sensitive, simple, and, by the use of automatic temperature control system and adjusting the mixture ratio of high-pressure system, nearly 70 percent fuel savings.

Can be expected that the future of glass packaging containers manufacturing technology, there will be new breakthroughs and development.