Ukrainian Boxing Champs All Ready To Fight David Haye

This is the latest sensational boxing news to have surfaced in the sport news world. That for sure has made the boxing betting lovers on a lookout for latest updates.

The three boxers are the stars of boxing world as Viladimir has three heavy weight world championship belts. And his brother holds one and is also the British number one champ. David Haye on the other hand too is the holder of one World Championship belt.

The Ukrainian brothers have their eyes fixed on David Hayes Belt and that is the reason why they challenged the boxing champ for a bout in 2011. Critics are of the view that it would be a worth watching event as the world champions would definitely put a spectacular show for the audience.

The Klitschko brothers have left the decision on Haye to choose one amongst them for the fight. Last year David Haye had to face Vladimir but he could not participate in the scheduled fight due to a back injury. But Haye currently is in a top notch form and ready to face any opponent in the ring. Viladimir too has recently recovered from the abdominal injury.

Though the agreement for the fight has yet to be finalized but this recent news has filled the boxing world with frenzy and excitement. Everyone is looking forward to the bout between the Ukrainian Brothers and David Haye, as the eagerness for the fight was hinted by the two brothers.

On the other hand Adam Booth manager of David Haye has revealed in the latest new statement that David Haye is in a perfect condition to face Vladimir. And a deal has been signed between the two which mentions that equal profits shall be shared by the both boxers. Adam Booth showed his confidence by saying that David Haye would easily win the bout and will hold the world championship titles of all three boxing categories.

It is important to note that this bout shall be the last professional fight for David Haye as he plans to retire in October. This makes the upcoming bout more interesting for the boxing fans and bettors alike. For the boxing betting fans it would be event to cash maximum benefit as the boxing world titans will fight on. If he wins it would definitely be the biggest boxing news in the history of the game. BOLA TANGKAS