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Although there has been a decrement in the number of applications received last year due to increment in tuition fees but now students are coming back. This academic year there has been seen a growth of around 2.5 percent in number of applications received. Extended number of overseas students is aspiring to study in Britain universities. Their wealthy parents accompany them with massive amounts. So this is a good sign for British universities and for those who own properties in the attractive areas.

Popular student towns are becoming focal points where large rental incomes and capital growth is expected. In the academic year 2012-13, weaker rents has been seen but this year total returns of more than 9 percent are being forecasted. The break up of which is 6.3 percent increase in static income and 3 percent increase in rental income due to extended demand.

More than 500,000 overseas students will be joining Britain universities this autumn. It is estimated that more than 70 percent students will be looking for private student accommodation which is good news for private landlords. Common weekly rent in some private towns in London is around £ 300 for a single room which may be scary for students but it is quite attractive to the landlords. Also luxurious student accommodation for overseas students is a popular market these days.

Keeping this cost in mind some parents with spare capital buy their children a home that stays as buy to let property after their graduation is complete. But this is not an easy plunge to take especially if the market is depressed where your child is studying.
The buy to let market near famous universities will be highly potential in this regard. For example Cambridge and Oxford are highly potential destinations for buy to let investors as the number of students is expanding continuously in these universities.

In last two years the average cost of students’ flats has raised by 22 percent, 13 percent and 7 percent in Brighton, Bath and Bristol universities respectively. However Birmingham, Bournemouth Universities are ranked as upper seconds buy to let honors. Bangor and Belfast are rated as lower seconds and Bradford is rated an ordinary third in buy to let honors.

But this thing should also be considered that property should be nearer to universities and should fulfill the value of money for the students. Nevertheless the student buy to let market is bright. If you have chosen the right place you will definitely get returns out of it. But the question here is what type of property you should buy. Here are some points to be considered in this regard.

a. Study the market thoroughly and keep an eye on ups and downs.
b. Select those towns where student population is estimated to increase as new universities are established there like Norwich, Plymouth, and Bournemouth.
c. Focus on overseas students that belong from wealthy families and can pay extra money for better and luxurious student accommodation.
d. Focus on the facilities that will attract the needs of overseas students and will add value to their money.
e. One place should not be stuffed with too many students.
f. Focus on students aspiring to get higher education because they are proved to be good tenants and will maintain your property well.
g. Have frequent visits to your property to keep in touch with tenants and in order to look after your property.
5 Tempat Aneh Yang Melawan Hukum Alam – Ada 1 dari Indonesia

Di dunia, banyak sekali tempat yang menakjubkan. Bahkan tempat-tempat tersebut tidak termasuk dalam Tujuh keajaiban dunia, dan tak diketahui oleh banyak orang. Namun banyak sekali tempat yang keunikannya ternyata sulit dijelaskan secara ilmiah. Berikut 5 tempat aneh di dunia yang melawan hukum alam. Salah satunya ada di Indonesia juga. Mari simak uraiannya berikut ini.


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