Underwater World

Northern Red Sea

The Red Sea is a water bay, situated in between Asia and Africa. The northern division of this inlet has been given the name as one of the seven wonders of the undersea world, because of its tremendous attractiveness and the biodiversity of aquatic life there.
The Northern Red Sea comprises of water from the Indian Ocean because it is approximately a lake and enclosed by sand, the weather here has altered to sustain a wealthy diversity of life. The aquatic life breathing in the Northern Red Sea is a marvel in itself. Over 1000 diverse variety of fishes, 400 species of coral and also many birds above the water exist there, giving anyone who goes there an eye opening experience.
The formation of the Red Sea occurs over the time of many millions of years. It’s assumed to have started nearly 55 million years ago, pacing up gradually and finishing at least 23 million years ago. This development took place because of tectonics plates and tectonic movement beneath the earth’s crust, cause the two continents of Arabia and Africa to tear apart.
Why it Was selected:
Unlike some of the other undersea wonders such as the Galápagos Islands and Lake Baikal, the Northern Red Sea does not hold widespread aquatic wildlife. There are abundance of variety of plant life, fish and corals existing inside it that also live in other deep-seas, but this only is an addition to the level of biodiversity here.
The chief motive that CEDAM International, the American Diver’s Association selected the Northern Red Sea for one of its seven wonders of the undersea world was its exquisiteness. The water sparkles and glitters red and orange when the sun is right in the middle of the sky and it is at a certain angle, plunging and snorkeling there is said to be fantastic. Owing to global warming the Northern Red Sea’s maritime life could be in menace of dying out therefore CEDAM selected it as an underwater wonder to promote it so that it could be safeguarded for future generations to take pleasure in.
Even though the Northern Red Sea is an unbelievably well-liked spot for somersaulting, snorkeling and seafaring, the lands in the vicinity are also very well-liked for Safaris and there are countless trip operators providing this kind of pleasure trip in Africa. To get to the Northern Red Sea you can take to the air to Marsa Alam airport at the southern end of the Red Sea and journey up by train, coach, cruise boat or hired cab.