Underweight Healthy Food and Yoga for How to Increase Weight

A body weight that is considered to be the below the normal recommended weight for the persons height, build and sex. The body mass index is often used as the criteria to determine if a person is within the normal weight range.

Healthy Food for Underweight


It has good amount of potassium, manganese and foliate. It also contains fewer calories and helps to cure skin problems.

Musk Melon

Musk melon is one of the most effective home remedies for thinness. If the melon cure is properly carried out, a rapid gain in weight can usually be achieved. In this mode of treatment, only musk melons are taken three times during the day for forty days or more.

In the beginning, only three kilograms of melons are taken daily for three days. Then the quantity is increased by one kilogram daily till it is sufficient to appease the hunger. Only the sugary and fresh fruits of the top variety are second-hand in the treatment.


It is nutritious and healthy food. Eggs lecithin prevents the absorption of egg’s cholesterol and other sources as well.

Milk Cure

An exclusive milk diet for rapid gain of weight has been advocated by some nature cure practitioners. At the beginning of this mode of treatment, the patient should fast for three days on warm water and lime juice so as to cleanse the system.

Thereafter, he should have a glass of milk every two hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the first day, a glass every hour and half the next day, and a glass every hour the third day. Then the quantity of milk is supposed to be gradually increased so as to get a glass each half an hour from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., if such a quantity can be tolerated fairly comfortably

Nutritional Values of Banana

It aids in the healing of anemia, depression, brainpower, blood pressure and constipation.

Mango-Milk Cure

The mango-milk cure is also an ideal treatment for thinness. For this mode of treatment, ripe and sweet mangoes should always be selected. They should be taken thrice a day-morning, afternoon, and evening. Two medium sized mangoes should be taken first and then followed by a glass of milk. Mango is rich in sugar but deficient in protein.

On the other hand, milk is rich in protein but deficient in sugar. The deficiency of one is made up by the other. Mango thus combines very well with milk and an exclusive mango-milk diet taken for at least one month, will lead to improvement in health and vigour and gain in weight


Raisins are a good food for those who wish to gain weight. Thirty grams a day may be taken for this purpose


Figs are an excellent remedy for increasing weight in case of thinness. The far above the ground percentages of the fast assimilable sugar in this fruit make it a strengthening and stuffing food. Three dried figs soaked in water should be taken twice daily


It is extremely nutritious and is much effective in curing several ailments. It is rich in folate and apt for pregnant women.

Exercises and Yoga
Regular exercises like walking, dancing, yoga, meditation, and massage are also important as they serve as relaxants, reduce stress, and induce good sleep. Yogasanas which are especially helpful are sarvangasana, halasana, and matsyasana


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