Ungrateful Man: Why Turn Your Face Against God and worship yourself?

Ungrateful Man: Why Turn Your Face Against God and worship yourself?


Man in his utter stupidity turns his face away from God: Buddhists, Hindus, most Christians, a lot of Muslims, Chinese and Japanese: Gog and Magog, Taoists, Shentoists, Sikhs, Zarathustras, Disbelievers: atheists, agnostics all over the world.

What’s left? Very, very little believers in the one and the only unique eternal God: Some Jews, some Muslims, some Christians and some Unitarians.

O man! What has made you careless concerning your Lord God?

O Man! Are you able to create a wing of a fly?

Are you able to create one cherry?

Are you able to make bring the sun from the West?

You cannot even lick your own arse!

You proclaim power and glory, you accumulate dominance and control over your fellowmen.

You dictate your opinions over others, humans like yourself. You exploit humans and make tem your slaves.

You kill and massacre peoples, you build empires and riches.

You monopolize wealth and possessions and deprive billions of their own right in your possessions, in your wrongfully accumulated stolen wealth.

The rich exploit and crush the poor. The dominant and powerful dominates the weak and needy. The big elephant swallows up the little cockroaches.

It is the law of the jungle everywhere in the world. It has always been and it is now more dominant. The USA controls and spreads its dominance everywhere in the world. The White House decides world economy, it decides ideological structures in a lot of countries. I

t demolishes religion to spread its American culture of Cowboys, hamburger and Coca Cola and chewing gum. Everyone must be American. What an honor! What a glory! What a pride! for cockroaches and mite in all societies of today.

Before it was the all mighty Soviet Union and the US but now the Russian bear is dead and well buried so the arena is left for the wolf and his flock: the European old colonizer, the British: suckers of peoples’ blood, the French clown Lilliputian Sarkozy, the awkward new Mussolini of Italy Berlusconi and Putin of the ruined Russia, Hu Jintao the new merciless dictator of China succeeding to power after Mao Tse Tung.

Well, Merciless dictators without any codes of morality except for their own codes of morality, corrupt, power hungry and ugly faces like their the chimpanzees’ bottoms.

The chimpanzees bottoms have more wisdom and more intelligence than all these little micky mousses.

Who is to blame? It is of course the people. But God rest their souls in their tombs for they are dead and buried for ever.

They erect the dictator, make for him, or her, alters and shrines and prostrate unto the dictator. The dictator is a dirty insect that nourishes on the blood of its fellowmen, its own subjects.

Man has turned his face away from God.

The blind cockroach forgets his creator, who brought him into this world, provided for him his means of subsistence, provided him with life and everything he needs, and preoccupies himself with his lusts and desires.

He forgets that God provided for him everything, but he turns away from God. He claims that he does not see God and hence God does not exist. He does not need God for he became God himself. Man, blinding himself to God does himself the most atrocious crime by denying the truth. But who cares about the truth?

All we need now is money, glory, power, and for a lot of people simple survival. It is when humans take their own rights and responsibilities in sharing equally with all others the riches of our planet and they demand their rights to share in all economic, political and social decisions that man is resurrected into life on earth.

It is when peoples awaken to their responsibilities that psychopath dictators fall down like chit from the back of the human cow.

People must restore their rights to rule themselves through referendums and councils and breaking the one man rule systems governing the multitudes everywhere in the world today.

It is when all humans turn their faces to God, acknowledge Him, worship Him and obey His law that human beasts become human.

There is only one God and humans are but creatures of God.

Man has lost himself for he has lost God.

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