United Kingdom: Changes In Consumer Food Concept Of Carbon Footprint Labels – Labels, The Carbon

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported the British to change consumer attitudes, buying “carbon” food, the British government plans to supermarket foods labeled “carbon footprint” Label , So that consumers in the purchase of food, while a clear understanding of their carbon dioxide emissions, to take the green shopping behavior.

Products carbon footprint refers to the products from Raw material Acquisition, manufacture, Package , Transportation, waste to recycling, direct or indirect greenhouse gas emissions, the carbon label is to label the carbon footprint of products indicated in the product. UK Secretary for the Environment Hilary Benn (HilaryBenn) said that in future people will have to eat less red meat and other “carbon-intensive” type foods such as beef, mutton, too much food packaging should buy less, This will bring many manufacturers produce “low carbon” food, to ensure the implementation section of the UK carbon reduction targets. To help consumers to actively participate in national emission reduction activities, the new “green” products will be labeled the product in the production, packaging and transportation process of how much carbon dioxide released. Hillary? Benn speech at the Oxford Conference on Agriculture, said: “Choose a low-carbon products will help people cope with climate change. In the next few years, we may learn more on the environmental impact of food production information. We are still learning how to do better, and alongside other countries to control carbon emissions, consumer choice is critical. “

According to reports, the British Tesco, Pepsi And other top brands Foods Has given some food labeled a “carbon footprint” labels to help consumers make “green” Purchase Decision-making. The next 20 years as a British food production part of the strategy, the Government called on other brands of food are also marked with “carbon footprint” labels to facilitate the consumers to purchase these products at a glance to view the process from the beginning to put goods on sale racks in the process the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. After entering the supermarket consumers according to their own Environmental protection Concept, see product “carbon footprint” label to green shopping behavior.

By the government-supported institutions – The Carbon Trust, is currently working with Food enterprises Cooperation To help manufacturers to different types of products labeled “carbon footprint” label. The Carbon Trust (theCarbonTrust) is a British nonprofit organization whose purpose is to help businesses of enterprises section carbon emissions, thus contributing to environmental protection. Following the Irish pork

drug scandal, Hillary? Benn also called on all meat processors to pork labeled “carbon footprint” label, and some businesses that will begin next month. But environmental groups say the government needs to enact legislation, not just to appeal to food companies to do so. And food activist, actress Tracy? Worcester, said: “This provision must be mandatory, because without which companies do not want people to buy their products.” Friends of the Earth’s Helen? Rimmer also said, “carbon footprint” label to address climate change is certainly helpful, but more important is to produce more low-carbon products, the government should support sustainable development, organic agriculture, and reduce subsidies to factory farms.

Agricultural conference in Oxford recently published results show that farmers in general support of GM crops. Government Chief Scientific Adviser John? Beddington said it would invest more funds for research in this area, more environmentally-friendly ways to improve food production. BOLA TANGKAS