Unlimited music delivered to the Sony Xperia sola


Music and videos unlimited on the Sony Xperia sola make it a must for mobile users who want to be able to keep up with their favourite television show or the latest movies and music. The handset also offers a razor sharp display and perfect audio quality to ensure that you get the same, full experience as any other devices would offer with the same multimedia.
With the Video Unlimited feature you are able to search for and choose form the latest blockbuster film titles and your favourite ongoing television shows before downloading them via the WiFi connection to your handset. Then go anywhere with it all in your pocket and simply pull out this impressive looking device to view them on the sharp and vivid 3.7 inch Reality display which features a scratch resistant cover to protect the stunning graphics and user interface brought to you by the BRAVIA Mobile Engine technology respectively. Alternatively, switch to a big screen and watch your video on a television using the DLNA wireless sharing connection which tis phone offers.
For music on the move you can do the same, using the one account with the Sony Entertainment Network simply choose again from literally millions of track titles available and enjoy them with the 3D surround sound through the headphones connected to your Xperia sola via the 3.5mm audio jack. Music Unlimited then adds songs to the built-in music player which offers easy track sorting and playlist creation for a great entertainment base at your fingertips. If you hear music aloud you can use the audio recorder to capture it and then go to the TrackID song recognition feature for a possible set of details and whether its available for download. You ca also enjoy live music, news and more with the integrated FM stereo radio with RDS.
Other impressive features you will find on this handset include its 5 megapixel camera for HD video recording and instantly capturing photos using the fast shutter which is ready in just over a second to capture your shots. Messaging and email along with integrated social networks are all present also and the handset offers an impressive internal memory. The processing power and RAM are also perfect and work with Android (Gingerbread) to offer speed, simplicity and multitasking functionality. 
This is a sleekly designed and considerably compact handset which provides you with great and unlimited entertainment through its many impressive features. Both its hardware and software capabilities make the Sony Xperia sola a fast and seamless working smartphone. BOLA TANGKAS