US and SKorea Accused of Disturbing Border

On Monday, the United States and South Korea was accused of “unpredictable incidents’ after North Korea says that these two countries have been creating disturbance for the security system at a buffer zone where the peninsula bisected.


The warning was made after an explosion onboard happened on Sunday which led to the sinking of a South Korea military ship. The cause for the blowup was unexplained. According to North Korea, the military ship was near a buffer border with this nation. However, officials of the U.S. and South Korea say that they don’t think that any North Korean was involved in the incident.


In its statement, the North Korea’s military system charged South Korea with staging anti-North Korea “psychological warfare” in the demilitarized zone and letting journalists to visit this area.


Accordingly, the U.S. is also accused of violating the armistice that ended in hostilities in the 1950-1953 conflict.


The statement, made by an unidentified spokesman for the Korean People’s Army in Panmunjom in the demilitarized zone, said that if the United States and the South Korea authorities still continued causing wrong actions with the aim of misusing the DMZ for the inter-Korean confrontation though having been warned by NKorea, unpredictable incidents would happen. The U.S. would be blamed for the death of any North Korean if there was any loss of human lives.


After making the warnings to the allied nations, the North Korea routinely threatens that it may attack the South and the U.S. This country on Friday said that “unprecedented nuclear strikes” would be made after learning in a report that Seoul and Washington were about to cause instability in NKorea.


According to another separate statement issued by North Korea’s Foreign Ministry on Monday, the department blasted the United Nations for what it said was criticism by the global body of the country’s human rights record.


The United Nations reported described North Korea as one of the world’s most repressive regimes as this country does not accept the existence of human rights violations in its territory. North Korea is now under the ruling of Kim Jong II.