Use a Lighting Specialist to Configure Your Soccer Field Lighting

The standard of measurement for athletic field lighting is the foot candle. One foot candle equals one particular lumen spread more than one square foot of cubic space. Several forms of outdoor lighting such as athletic field lighting, parking lot lighting, and security lighting are controlled by governing regulations that specify foot-candle minimum requirements. Simply because foot candles need specific equipment to measure, lighting specialists strongly recommend you seek the advice of with an electrician who has this equipment to make sure your soccer field lights meet with municipal lighting codes and the suggestions of the US Soccer Foundation. Since so many soccer games are played at night, it is essential to safeguard player security by obtaining a skilled accurately calculate the level of foot candles necessary for the size of the field and the number of spectators.

Please keep in mind lighting a professional soccer field requires a much greater level of illumination than lighting a recreational field. For example, if you program to light a soccer field that is utilized only for practice with out spectators, a field measuring 180 feet X 330 feet will require a minimum of 30 foot candles of light. A specialist soccer stadium will need far more than twice the lighting, around 75 foot candles.

One more vital issue to effective soccer field lighting is the voltage levels of the equipment itself. Athletic field lighting fixtures of any type are regulated by magnetic transformers that manage voltage levels. Fixtures with multi-tap ballasts supply the greatest flexibility for soccer field lighting. Fixtures are configured with multi-tap ballasts that generate 120,208, 240, and 277 volts respectively. Also obtainable are lights fitted with a 480-volt ballast for complete-sized specialist stadiums.

It is critical to operate with a lighting specialist who can figure out the acceptable voltage level for your facility and match the lamp to the ballast. High voltage gear can be harmful if guesswork is substituted as a shortcut for expert calculations.

Lastly, the physical sort of poles and the physical height of soccer field lighting mounted on these poles is also a crucial aspect in producing optimal illumination for your practice field or stadium. The US Soccer Foundation recommends that facilities set up galvanized steel poles and mounting assemblies. You can acquire these mounting assemblies and poles from a firm specializing in lighting. A variety of models are obtainable, like correct angle cross arms that will hold two soccer field lighting fixtures on a single pole. Poles ought to be positioned 20 feet or more from the sidelines and beyond the fence line to steer clear of player injuries.

Properly fitted and ballasted soccer field lights suggested by your lighting specialist will also make the game more enjoyable for spectators. The metal halide fixtures are made with advanced reflector arrays that distribute the light in preferred places along the field and stop light pollution from spilling out of the sides of the fixtures into the eyes of folks in the crowd and surrounding residential regions. This not only tends to make the game far more enjoyable to men and women who visit your arena, but it also will reduce the complaints from neighbors who will undoubtedly be annoyed if your soccer field lights shine into their windows. Once more, your lighting specialist can help you stay away from this by configuring your lighting array and implementing its installation by way of a licensed electrician.