Use a Sweet Travel to Complete Your Long-Term Relationship

Sipadan: a beautiful fairy world: Sipadan is located in the southwest of East Malaysia. Trend Alert! Kate Blanchett in evening dresses Celebes Sea, which is 36 kilometers away from Sempoma Port is suitable for diving in the four seasons. The Malaysian government propagates to the world that “here is the top paradise for diving in the world”. Sipadan was formed by volcano orogenetic movements, submarine land rising up from 2000-meter deep sea, no more than 20 minutes to complete walking around the whole island. Like Mekka in pilgrim’s eys, Sabah’s Sipadan is the heavon in diver’s eyes. Sipadan, on Celebes Sea 36 kilometers from Semporna Port, is a mushroom shaped sea island. At about 4 degrees north, although close to equator, it is very cool. Sipadan has blessed conditions, and after 5-meter riffle is azure deep sea that vertically falls to 600 to 700 meters deep.Great News! The Designer of evening dresses Changed

Therefore, through the infusive diving magzine’s interview to diving sharers in 1993, they unanimously thought Sipadan is the best “seashore diving” in the world, and the fist one among world top five cliff diving places. The water is mild of meek flow, visibility in water is better-than-average, with rich fish kinds, it is world-famous diving heavon. Sipadan has only area of 0.03 square kilometers, but it is called the [Mecca”, “God’s Aquarium” by the people in the world, and the diving father Jacques Yves Cousteau called it [never violated art”. Sipadan diving area includes Sipadan Island, Horse Island, Ka Palai Island and oil drilling platform SEA VENTURE. It`s not so easy going to Sipadan. First, you should take a plane for 3 hours to Kotakinabalu, the capital of Sabah, Malaysia. Then you should take a inland plane for 30 minutes to Tawau. Nest, take a mini-bus for one hour and half an hour to Semporna Port. Finally, you have to ride a boat for nearl 1 hour to reach this small island. The price of 750 dollars for 5 days and 4 nights looks a little dear, but this includes the eating, housing, entertainments and traffic, and it is cheaper than 1300 dollars of two years before. Moreover, what you live is the real estate water – the whole wooden room is on the beautiful sea.

You can arrange for your daily schedule like this. At the daytime, you can ride a floating boat and enjoy the buffet of different flavor. You can watch the fishes search for food and fight listless and then take out a chair to sit on the roof or at the beach for sunbathing. After you dive, you can make sense that Sipadan’s title “one of top ten diving places of the world” is absolutely not an empty reputation. This is diving fans’ paradise, where turtle could be seen moving at nearshore beach. The Maputo island near here is the view point of small marine life . You can see flame actopus, blue ring, color squid, tiger eel and scorphin fish. Nothing is strange in the world.

Europe tour: North Europe: in the snow, walk to the music, winter is the noisy snow season for North Europe. Stockholm City in Sweden is called as the [north Venice”, locals love the sun, even in the cold winter, you can always see the people who enjoy the sunshine in chair. Except for the imperial palace, the parliament building, the town hall and the museum, the street performer`s show is also attractive. Make Denmark, the fary tale kindom, as the last destination of your honeymoon travel. The capital of Copenhagen is symbolic of the dream. The houses there are all painted with different colors. So are the boat floating on the river. The bodies of the boats are so romantic to be painted with different names. Tivoli, the most ancient amusement park of the Northen Europe is not far away. Almost all people will head toward the palace of Andersen`s fairy tales directly, where is a fairy tale`s world.

Western Europe: love in the castles. Recommended reasons: considering the honeymoon comfort and the travel unpredictability, the couples` honeymoon tour are all in the Western Europe countries, including Britain, France and Germany, and the castle tour is their long-awaited. Of course, the first station is France. In addition to Louvre, Versailles, Loire Valley in the west of France is the old royal residence.The place is called as “the garden in France”. There are lots of fine hills on both sides of the river. Many castles founded in Renaissance are among the green trees. The unique Chambord Chateau was built in 1519. It is built under the order of Francois I. Its building scale was bigger than the building of Versailles Palace. When the night falls, Chambord Chateau reflects wonderfully under the gleam of the light. Travel along Cosson River, the moat and the Great Canal by boat.

Amboise Chateau was ever lived by Charry VII and Francois I. The French architecture art has reached to the peak of perfection after compeleting the decoration of this beautiful chateau. Even Leonordo da Vinci has made some contribution on it. His last residence Clos Luce Chateau is not far away. “European Star” in France will bring you to Britain of denser royalty atmosphere. Among numerous old British castles, Windsor Castle is the largest scaled and long enjoys a good reputatioin. This was completely caused by Edward Vlll’s resolut renunciation of the throne for his beloved, therefore the story of “love beauty more than power” had been read through all ages.