Use of effective and advanced water purifiers

Can you ever think of life without water purification systems in today’s highly polluted world? Obviously not! As per a report by the World Health Organization based on a worldwide survey, 88% of diarrheal diseases are attributed to consumption of unsafe water. Around 1.8 million people die from diarrheal diseases every year. The number of diseases can be checked only with the use of effective water purifiers. Simple purifying methods followed at home are not enough to get the water purified to satisfaction levels.

This is because it is not only micro organisms and dissolved contaminants but also new age tough contaminants like lead pesticides, etc. that are present in water. If you think boiling is a substitute of a water purifier, you are partially right. But this will certainly prove costly in the long run. For micro organisms to get deactivated, you will have to boil the water for at least 20 minutes. Imagine the burning of fuel everyday for the same! Ensure a healthy life for yourself and your family members by getting advanced water purification systems installed at your homes.

Most reverse osmosis water purifiers of highly reputed brand(s) come with multi stage purification mechanism involving the use of several cartridge filters so that water gets purified stage by stage. TFC spiral is the RO membrane generally used. In the process, unwanted salts and impurities are removed, allowing only sweet and pure water to flow from the faucet. Right from 500 -2000 (mg/l) TDS support, varied storage capacities, 90% TDS reduction to glass holding facility for convenient placement of glass to take water, most of these reverse osmosis water purifiers are available via direct sales or at consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets. Here are few of the other common features of advanced RO water purification systems:

•  Elegantly designed to blend perfectly with the modern kitchen decor
•  Micro switch float to avoid overflow once the maximum storage capacity is reached
•  Manual flush facility; in the process the cartridge gets cleaned and its life gets enhanced
•  Auto shut off; when not in use for some time, the water purifier shuts off automatically
•  Inbuilt voltage stabilizer, ensuring that the water purifier works even at voltage fluctuation
•  Removal of physical, chemical, microbiological, and tough new-age contaminants.

Go for a reputed brand and buy the right water purifier today!

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