Use The Shape of Your Face for a Great Hair Style

If you’re having trouble finding a hair style that suites you, start by looking at the shape of your face.  Some cuts and styles are more flattering on certain facial structures.  Your hair is a frame for your face, so the right hair cut can make you look younger, fresher and more attractive.  

Round faces tend to have subtle cheekbones.  Using a short and shaggy hair cut to define your cheeks and brows works well to bring out some depth in your face.  Hair that falls straight down doesn’t work well, so add some layers or staggering around the sides and bangs.

Oval faces look good in almost any cut.  Depending on what you choose to emphasize, you can add length to your face by having long hair that’s all one length, or shorten your face by adding some flowing bangs.  Oval faces work well with ponytails, french braids and up-do’s.

Square faces have hard lines which need to be softened with plenty of staggered layers.  Long, straight cuts might give you a robotic look, so go for body and bounce.  Square faces look great in layered waves or slightly curly hair.

Rectangle faces are long and skinny, somewhat similar to an oval but with a stronger jaw line and more defined structure.  Broad across the chin and forehead, this type of face needs a cut that will give it some roundness. Shoulder length hair is the best length for this type, and you should try adding some layers and soft curls to soften your features.

Heart or triangle shaped faces have fabulous high cheekbones and a slim jaw and chin.  Lots of bangs are good for you to make the forehead less obvious.  Heart shaped faces look great in shorter styles with lots of fun layers.  You should stay away from teasing combs at the top of your head though, because the added height will only broaden your forehead.  

Once you’ve narrowed down the shape of your face, try an internet site that allows you to try on hairstyles.  Upload your picture and test out different hair styles so you can find a style, cut and even colour that will bring out the best features in your face.