Use Toning Exercises For A Younger Looking Face

If you want your body to look young a supple, you spend time at the gym, working everything into shape. As we age, the strength and tone of our face also requires some exercise to keep wrinkles at bay and maintain a younger appearance.

There are different ways you can tone your facial muscles. One recommendation is to use electronic toning tools specifically designed for the face. These instruments create small electric currents that, when applied to the face, stimulate the production of collagen and tone sagging muscles. Collagen is the body’s natural source for elasticity, which becomes less apparent as we age. Increasing the collagen production makes it harder for wrinkles to form, and reduces existing creases and laugh lines.

Toning your face will improve circulation, giving it more colour. It also enhances and highlights structure of cheek bones and brow, giving you a more sculpted and refreshed look. If electronic tools aren’t for you, then try some manual facial toning exercises.

There are several simple exercises you can try at home that will stimulate and revitalize your aging skin.

For the forehead, place a finger above each eyebrow and gently pull down with your fingers while arching your brows. Repeat this procedure in series of twenty to thirty at least two times each day to reduce the wrinkled fury of the forehead.

For defined cheeks, hold your mouth in the shape of an O while letting the corners pull up, like you would if you were smiling. This is a great exercise for your cheeks that also works all the way up to the eyes.

Like any exercise regime, in order for it to be effective, it must be consistent. Therefore, some diligence is required on your part to perform your facial toning exercises every day. Unlike a workout at the gym, however, you can exercise your face anywhere and at anytime. In the tub, while watching television or even while you’re sitting at work.

Whether you use an electronic toner or manual exercises, keeping your face fit keeps you looking young, fresh and ready for the world. BOLA TANGKAS