Use Your Facebook Better in Firefox

Now almost 1/four men and women on the Net is using Firefox to surf the Net. And Firefox is popular for its huge number of add-ons.Also, we cannot live without Facebook like Firefox, there are a lot of add-ons to help you with your Facebook utilizing. These add-ons beneath are almost the preferred Facebook add-ons Firefox users like.Firefox Toolbar Facebook ToolbarThis toolbar is produced by Facebook, it makes your Facebook making use of easier and more quickly. Search facebook, get notified, connect with friends, share with your friends, and so on, just in this toolbar.FaceMoods For FirefoxJust add facemoods add-on, login to facebook, chat with your friends and send them directly from the chat incredible aninated smileys messenger styleFacebook PhotoZoomA magnifier for facebook thumbnails (either profile images or album images). When the mouse is over a thumbnail, a tooltip will seem with the bigger image in it.Facebook Photo Album DownloaderFacebook PAD will enable you to download your friends’ whole Facebook albums with a click of a button. FacePAD is also compatible with all languages that are compatible with Facebook.Firefox Extension Facebook VideoThe common Greasemonkey Facebook video script is now a complete-fledged Firefox addon that lets customers download or convert Facebook videos, and embed videos outdoors of Facebook.
Early Facebook Industrial (1995)

Tv commercial for The Facebook from the mid-90s.

Directed by Brent Weinbach.
Written by Zed Cutsinger, Andrew Michaan, and Brent Weinbach.
Produced by Andrew Michaan and Zed Cutsinger.
Cinematography by Trevor Ames.
Sound by Christopher Fleeger.
Editing by Trevor Ames and Brent Weinbach.
Graphics by Trevor Ames.
Production Assistant: Andrew Wilder.

Starring Joshua Han and Jeffrey Michael Scott.
Voice-over by Evan Yeoman.

Unique Thanks: Carmiel Banasky, Andy Johnson, Zachary Johnson, Chelsea Skidmore, Neil Mahoney, Brad Schulz, Miranda King, Christian Chavez.

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