Using Your Whole Wheat Pasta

Most people are aware that keeping a varied and substantial food storage on hand is critical to the health and safety of their family. However, along with keeping a proper food storage it means you must use the things in your storage before they go bad.

Food storage can be quite a significant investment. You do not want all that food to go to waste because nothing disastrous happened.

As a result, you will need to learn how to cook with the foods found in your food storage and how to incorporate them into your daily meals. This will be very good practice for you because your food storage will be of little use to you if you do not know how to use it properly.

One of the items that may be found in your food storage is whole wheat pasta. Unlike white pasta, not all pasta sauces go with whole wheat pasta.

The grainy taste of the whole wheat pasta may not agree with the creamy sauces or even some of the tomato based sauces. This can make it hard to use in your regular meals as a replacement for white pasta.

However, there are several toppings that taste wonderful on top of whole wheat pasta. One recipe you may want to try uses whole wheat spaghetti.

You will need to start by cooking 450g of whole grain spaghetti in a pot according to the package instructions. While it is cooking, put two tablespoons of mixed, colored peppercorns that are sparsely ground in a frying pan.

Toast these for about 20 to 30 seconds. Then, add 60 milliliters of olive oil and cook for an addition minute before removing the frying pan from the heat.

When the pasta is done, drain it and save some of the pasta water. You will need about 125 milliliters of the pasta water.

Put the spaghetti into a large mixing bowl and add 110 grams of pecorino. Mix the two ingredients together.

Add in the water as you mix to help the pasta become less sticky. Then, add in the oil and peppercorn mixture, 170 grams of thinly sliced and chopped prosciutto, 30 grams of fresh flat-leaf parsley, and 30 grams of chopped fresh basil leaves.

Mix well until the colors look well dispersed. This is a very pretty dish that does not take very long to make.

It is healthy, delicious and easily fits into a busy schedule. However, if this recipe contains too many foreign ingredients, you may want to try this garbanzo bean recipe.

For this recipe, you will need six garlic cloves chopped which is about a 1/4 of a cup of garlic. You will also need half a teaspoon of dried hot red pepper flakes, 1/4 cup olive oil, two ten-ounce packages of frozen chopped broccoli, 3/4 teaspoon of salt, one 15-ounce can of rinsed and drained chickpeas, and half a pound of whole wheat spaghetti.

You may also want to have grated parmesean cheese and lemon wedges on hand for garnish. To start, you will need to cook the garlic and red pepper flakes in oil in a frying pan on moderate heat.

When the garlic is golden in color it will be time to add the broccoli and salt. Break up the frozen chunks of broccoli and thaw it.

When it is warm, but still crisp add the chickpeas and heat thoroughly. While you are doing this, the spaghetti noodles should be cooking in another pot.

Again, save a half a cup of water from draining the pasta when it is done and then add both the water and pasta into the broccoli and chickpea mixture. Heat the concoction while tossing.

Be sure to evenly distribute the colored things. It is ready to serve at this point.

Add a little extra olive oil for the extra touch to make it look fantastic when you dish it onto plates. While many of the ingredients in these dishes will not be available to you during a difficult time, they taste wonderful and they can help you get used to how you are supposed to cook the pasta.

You do not want to overcook it because then it will be soggy. If you under-cook it, it will be chewy and not very pleasing.

When you become accustomed to cooking the pasta you can begin looking at other things that are in your food storage as possible toppings. As you become creative you may be able to come up with some really good dishes and you will be able to use the food in your food storage that is about to expire. BOLA TANGKAS